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Walter Werzowa

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Owner / Composer – Musikvergnuegen For nearly 15 years, Austrian born Walter Werzowa has been expanding upon a vision of creating music that is all at once unique, dynamic and memorable. Drawing upon a liberal arts education that includes architecture and music, he has built a vast array of compositions for film and television, as well as becoming a maverick in the new frontier of Audio Branding. Since beginning his career, Werzowa has worked with Fortune 500 Companies, Top Hollywood Film Studios & Producers and International Conglomerates. After completing USC’s post-graduate program for Film and Television Scoring, Werzowa spent the following year working on trailers for the Walt Disney Company. In order to better develop his own audio aesthetic, Werzowa built a studio in his garage, investing in the most advanced audio equipment available. During that time companies such as Lifetime Television, Chevron and most notably, Intel, approached him to create a 3-note mnemonic for their respective brands. The intent: Strengthen the impression of their already established graphic logos. Since then, the development of mnemonics has become one of Werzowa’s strongest fortes. Working directly with each client, Werzowa focuses on their individual goals and customizes his persona approach of scientific research and creative interpretation to pinpoint sounds that will best define the brand within this incredibly short duration of time. Never afraid of the unconventional, Werzowa believes in offering his clients compositions that communicate the distinct personality of their companies, while achieving targeted success and recognition on both the conscious and sub conscious levels. It is not surprising that his resume showcases a diverse clientele, including: Samsung, LG, Red Bull, Delta Airlines, Comedy Central, Toyota, Sanyo, Electronic Arts , CNN / HLN and GM – with several exciting projects currently in production. Werzowa has grown his operation from a one-man shop into a state-of-the-art boutique sound house located in the heart of Hollywood, CA, named Musikvergnuegen (“enjoyment of music”), which in German, reflects the pleasure always embodied in the company’s process and product. With the additional assistance of an in-house team of composers, sound designers, as well as a network of freelance associates, Musikvergnuegen has been providing original music and sound design for film, television, and commercials for nearly 10 years. Film credits include: Main Title for the feature film Taking Lives. Scores and Trailers have been composed for clients, such as: Disney (High School Musical 3, Race to Witch Mountain, National Treasure 2), Warner Brothers (Batman Begins, The Polar Express, Troy, The Last Samurai, The Chronicles of Riddick, AI, Poseidon and Eraser), MGM (Cabin In The Woods), DreamWorks (Memoirs of a Geisha, Minority Report), Paramount Pictures (The Core), and 20th Century Fox (Kingdom of Heaven, Alien Vs. Predator) New Line / Fine Line Cinema (The Cell, Mortal Kombat and Wag the Dog) and Dimension Films (Hellraiser: Inferno and Mimic II). Additionally, he has collaborated with Director / Writers such as Wim Winders (8: Person to Person) and Sam Mendes (The Jarhead Diaries). Television credits include: Network Promo and ID packages for clients: CNN / HLN, TBS, Fox, Showtime, Lifetime, Versus, MTV and Scripps Company of Network Affiliates. Promos have been done for ABC (Dancing With the Stars), Discovery Channel (Life, Deadliest Catch, Storm Chasers and Hunting: The Lost Symbol), TLC (Four Weddings), FX Network (Rescue Me and The Shield) and PBS (Ken Burns: American Stories, Independent Lens, Super Why and Hooper). (www.musikvergnuegen.com)


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