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Mark Belinsky

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Co-Founder & Pres
Digital Democracy
Mark Belinsky is an entrepreneur and technologist who has developed projects at the intersection of media, tech and data in over 26 countries. In Armenia, Mark co-founded and is a board member at Bem, a youth action center that serves as a platform for building an active civil society through media, performance and citizen journalism. Belinsky is President and Co-Founder of Digital Democracy, a non-profit that empowers marginalized communities to use technology to build their futures around the world. Combining these experiences, he has appeared as a guest on Al-Jazeera English, BBC Radio and NPR, testified at US Congress and consulted with numerous heads of state. He directs and produces films and strategizes on interactive media with his company New Words Media. Mark graduated from Johns Hopkins University with concentrations in Computer Science, Sociology and Media. When he can, he bicycles across countries.


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