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Joseph Amodei

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Virgil Films & Entertainment
Joe Amodei has enjoyed a career in the video and film industry for close to thirty years. He is one of the few veterans of the video industry who can say he was there from the beginning - when video stores seemed to be on every corner. From the demise of Beta and VHS, through the DVD and eventual Blu-Ray revolution and on to today's digital world he has seen and been a part of it all. His personal love of film (all kinds) and anything independent made its way into the business when he took over the reins at USA Home Entertainment. His work at USA changed his outlook on the industry with the release of films like TRAFFIC, BEING JOHN MALCOVICH and GOSFORD PARK. He learned what it takes to get films of a different non-mainstream nature out into the marketplace. When USA was sold he partnered with John Hart and Jeff Sharp to create Hart Sharp Video. Since that beginning in 2003 the company went through a name change (Virgil Films was created in 2008) but still maintains that indie spirit. With films like Supersize Me, Chalk, Restrepo, Paper Clips, Amreeka, Forks Over Knives, Tully, The Way We Get By, How to Fold a Flag along with a host of other documentary and narrative feature films Amodei has brought the company he runs into the future with deals across all digital and streaming portals. He has turned his passion and love for "everything movies" into a way to help filmmakers get their work seen whether it be on DVD, TV or any digital means available. He considers this his biggest accomplishment. He credits his family, movies and the music of Bruce Springsteen for keeping him motivated and involved.


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