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Jason Small

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Strategic Partnerships
Jason Small has been in digital marketing for 10+ years and currently works on Strategic Partnerships for the FanBridge platform, while also service as Director of Film/TV Relations for FanBridge. In his previous experience as a partner at an award-winning digital marketing agency, Revolution Digital, Small led the agencies social media expertise for 6+ brands including brands including the iconic ChapStick® brand on Facebook. In the entertainment industry, SmalI has a live-event marketing background in the wildly popular sport of mixed martial arts, working for a public traded company that produced 18+ live events per year in marquee arenas, across 11 markets in the US. This included overseeing relationships with six licensees including Topps, Headline Entertainment and Trends Worldwide. It also included working with broadcasters airing the companies TV shows on FSN, HDNet, MyNetwork TV to integrate sponsors and develop promotional placement. Additionally, Small has 10+ years experience in the Film/TV industry as an actor under the name Jason Alan Caine with 100+ appearances on Daytime TV for shows like All My Children, As the World Turns and Guiding Light as well as 15+ independent films and several commercials. As a producer, Small concepted and developed two reality shows that resulted in signed deals with two major production companies, the Magical Elves (Operates Project Runway, Top Chef, Last Comic Standing) and RDF Media. Small has even worked for several celebrities including Grayson McCouch (As the World Turns, Armageddon) and Alan Cumming (X-Men 2, Eyes Wide Shut) assisting in managing business ventures both online and offline that were directly based on their personal brands.


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