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Elizabeth Sheldon

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Kino Lorber Inc
As Senior Vice President of Kino Lorber, Elizabeth is responsible for documentary acquisitions and business development at one of the leading US independent film distribution companies in North America. Elizabeth’s acquisition strategy is based on a collaborate approach with documentary filmmakers to develop and execute individually tailored all rights releases that incorporate on-demand community screenings that allow filmmakers to tap into their organic fan base to generate maximum box office revenue; simultaneous with the theatrical on-demand campaign, Elizabeth incorporates a tailored educational release via Kino Lorber Edu division which she founded in 2009, reaching a vital audience that is socially engaged via colleges, universities and non-profit organizations. This is then followed by a targeted digital release to the consumer market incorporating third-party platforms from Amazon to Vimeo. Elizabeth’s release strategy is built around a hybrid model of the best of DIY distribution coupled with access to established output deals with partners such as Netflix and direct relationships across all digital platforms, followed by DVD distribution to the consumer market to retailers from Best Buy to local bookstores. Current releases include The Anonymous People, Who Is Dayani Cristal, Afternoon of A Faun, Trials of Muhammad Ali and More Than Honey. Prior acquisitions include the Oscar nominated and Sundance winner, 5 Broken Cameras, Armadillo and El Bulli. Elizabeth oversees film acquisitions across numerous labels, including Kino Lorber and Alive Mind Cinema. While Kino Lorber is dedicated to releasing the classics of tomorrow, Alive Mind Cinema is a label dedicated to transformative films with direct access to a 15,000+ online community of members hungry for films that address topics such alternative spirituality, ranging from atheism to shamanism, personal transformation, and arts and culture. Best sellers include Crazy Wisdom and The Anonymous People. This May, Elizabeth in partnership with Gathr Films is launching a subscription theatrical on-demand series that will premier in 20 cities across America including Free the Mind, Faith Connections and Daughters of Dolma. Prior to Elizabeth’s tenure at Kino Lorber, she was Vice President at Lorber HT Digital where she launched the Alive Mind Cinema label. The early stage of her career was built in the educational market, where she oversaw acquisitions and business development for two of the leading North America educational distributors, licensing content from CBS News Archive to forging output deals with the BBC. In addition, she is the recipient of numerous grants for film development and distribution from the Carnegie Corporation and the National Endowment for the Humanities. She has been recognized as one of the '50 Most Powerful People' in the documentary world by POV and is a frequent industry panelist and guest speaker at colleges and universities about the business of film distribution. Elizabeth spends her spare time as a competitive master rower.


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