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Deborah Ensor

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VP, Africa, Health and Humanitarian Media Programs
Deborah Ensor is the Vice President for Africa, Health and Humanitarian Media Programs for Internews, where she guides the strategic direction of the Africa portfolio, focuses on the role of media and ICTs in the provision of health information, and continues to build the capacity of Internews to respond globally in humanitarian emergencies. Previously as Regional Director for Africa, she developed and oversaw projects in Sudan, DRC, Chad, Central African Republic, Mali, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Haiti. Ensor originally joined Internews as Country Director in Sudan, where she helped build a network of community radio stations across the country, and trained local journalists to run them. Ensor holds a Master’s degree in Journalism and Human Rights from Columbia University. She has more than 15 years of experience as a working journalist and 10 years working in non-profits and development. She served as editor in chief for one of the largest community newspapers in the United States and was a reporter at several major metropolitan dailies. In addition to her journalism and media development career, Deborah has spent the past eight years in East Africa, where she designed and implemented numerous projects for major international NGOs dealing with media, education, HIV and sexual violence. She started one of the first gender-based violence programs in Southern Sudan, building a women’s center for those experiencing violence, conflict and rape. In addition, she designed a program to create safer schools in Ugandan slums and developed a series of radio dramas on the link between HIV and violence. Ensor lived for several years in a remote Kenyan village as a Peace Corps volunteer, providing home-based care for those affected by HIV/AIDS. She is the founder of her own small non-profit foundation, “Ahadi kwa Nzalani,” that continues that work today.


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