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Beatrice Springborn

avatar for Beatrice Springborn

Exec VP TV & Film Dev & Production
Valhalla Entertainment
Beatrice Springborn started her career as a journalist, working for CNN, mostly on the Unabomber case. She then went on to be one of the founding employees of ChickClick.com, a website for teen girls and produced a radio show in 28 markets based on the brand. She got her start in film at Pixar in development where she worked on Ratatouille, Cars, Finding Nemo and Up. She then went on to get her MFA in film at UCLA, while working for Newmarket films and producer Aaron Ryder (Memento, Donnie Darko, The Mexican). Ryder then started his own company Raygun Productions, where they produced The TV Set, Hamlet 2, The Prestige and My One and Only. Springborn then joined Ryder at FilmNation Entertainment, a partnership with Glen Basner, who ran International sales for Focus and The Weinstein Company. After two years at FilmNation as the VP of Production and development, she joined Valhalla Motion Pictures as their Executive Vice President. Valhalla is producer Gale Anne Hurd’s company. Their latest project is AMC’s TV series, The Walking Dead, which premiered October 31 in over 120 countries. Valhalla is currently developing a number of feature and television properties, including The Boston Stranglers and Magdalena, as well as comic books, including Aspen Comics, The Scourge. Hurd has previously produced The Incredible Hulk, Armageddon, The Punisher, Hulk, Dante's Peak, and The Terminator, as well as Oscar-winners The Ghost and The Darkness, The Abyss, Terminator 2 and Aliens.


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