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Alex Maiolo

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HINT Project Coord/Sr Contributor
Future Of Music Coalition/Tape Op Magazine
Future Of Music Coalition/Tape Op Magazine/Guitarist (Fan Modine) ALEX MAIOLO has played in various bands for over two decades (Soft Company, Hi Fi Sky, Violet Vector & The Lovely Lovelies), and currently plays guitar in Fan Modine. He has helped organize the live performances of Big Star's Third, which will make it's SXSW premiere this year. He is a Senior Contributor to the most widely read recording magazine in the world, Tape Op, and owns Seriously Adequate recording studio. Alex has worked with The Future of Music Coalition for ten years, primarily focusing on the health insurance crisis as it relates to the working musician. In 2005, with the aid of a Cummings Grant, the Health Insurance Navigation Tool (HINT) was developed. Musicians in need of unbiased health insurance advice can access HINT for free consultations, and to learn how to sift through the complex world of health insurance. Alex is a partner with a property insurance agency in the Carrboro/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. Insurance as it relates to the artist, studio owner, and musician is part of a typical day's tasks. He has been an active musician since he was nine years old, and an active fan since he was learning to crawl. In addition to appearing on various panels (SXSW '06-'11 TapeOpCon '04-'08, Pop Montreal '06, FMC Policy Summits '03-'11 PopAsheville '07-'09 Six Points Music Festival '07, CMJ '06) to discuss the troubling state of health insurance in the U.S., he has given his time to educate young musicians as to how they can stay active in music-related projects for their entire lives. The only food he doesn't like is tequila.


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