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David Liebe Hart Band
    Tuesday March 13, 2012 8:00pm - 8:40pm @ The Jr (603 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701)

    Musician, sign-painter, puppeteer, and actor David Liebe Hart has been a cult personality since 1988, when he first began producing The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Program on public access cable. After a stint in Vietnam, Liebe Hart moved to Los Angeles in the 70’s, where he claims to have been roommates with Robin Williams, passed over for jobs by Garry Marshall, and abducted by aliens (all frequent song topics of his). Liebe Hart has also become a familiar sight to Hollywood Bowl patrons, who show up early before shows to catch him crooning outside with his puppets. During the holidays, his colorful Christmas artwork can be found on store windows across Southern California. With such an impressive resume, it wasn’t long before Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim cast Liebe Hart it sing his bizarre songs on their hit Cartoon Network show, Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job!.
    In 2008 he teamed up with musician Adam Papagan. The two started recording and releasing albums regularly, with song topics ranging from Liebe Hart getting bad service at the grocery store, to his many ex-girlfriends. This spring, David Liebe Hart, backed by Papagan and a full band, will hit the road on a national tour to spread his message of intergalactic tolerance. 2012 will see a new studio album by the band and a full US Tour this Summer.

    Musician, sign-painter, puppeteer, and actor David Liebe Hart...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #DavidLiebeHartBand
    Tags All, Punk
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS18508


Rusted Shut






    Wednesday March 14, 2012 12:00am - 12:40am @ The Jr (603 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701)

    "Austin's Bodytronix (Eric Archer and Erich Ragsdale) have been hard at work for awhile without anyone outside of their fair city really knowing what these dudes were up to. Well, if their live mix "Night of the Arawans" is any indication, the duo might be at the forefront of a wildly maligned 31st century exploration of deep house and its acid tinged offshoots. It has a straightup hookers and X vibe, but somehow its not seedy. Rather it's twisted in a Lynchian way, with droning synths weaving about navigational beats, as propelling as their are hypnotizing." -Chocolate Bobka

    "Austin's Bodytronix (Eric Archer and Erich Ragsdale) have been...

    Type Band, Official
    Tags All, Electronic
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19376



Miracles of Modern Science


Hey Marseilles


Ezra Furman


Emily Wells
    Wednesday March 14, 2012 11:00pm - 11:40pm @ The Jr (603 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701)
    Emily Wells has long been turning heads with her unique songcraft. The performer, producer and songwriter trades in a striking mix of classical instrumentation, folk rawness and hip-hop production anchored by her haunting combination of voice and violin. Her burgeoning reputation owes as much to her hypnotic live show where, working a looping pedal, Wells becomes a one-woman orchestra, playing live drums, guitars, analog synthesizers and beat machines as well. It’s that same blend of deft composition and hand-wrought quality that deeply colors each of Wells’ albums.
    Born to a music minister in Amarillo, Texas, Wells began learning violin at 4 at a community college. The family later moved to Indianapolis, where she discovered Bob Dylan, Nina Simone and Biggie Smalls and gradually moved from the Suzuki method to songwriting, guitars and home recording. Releasing her own music from a young age, Wells learned to keep her work close, and toured independently while developing her palate and performance across the U.S. It was in a humble garage studio in Los Angeles that Wells’ recorded her 2008 breakthrough, The Symphonies: Dreams Memories & Parties, picking up praise from sources as varied as NPR and SPIN, who compared her to “a feral, streetwise Nina Simone.”
    Three years later, Wells returns with Mama, a collection of songs as richly hued as ever, but imbued with a newfound warmth no doubt owing to the space it was conceived in. Wells rented a tiny cabin on a Topanga Canyon horse ranch and went to work, producing Mama and playing most of the instruments herself (with a little help from longtime touring companions, drummer Sam Halterman and bassist Joey Reina). She recorded the raw tracks to tape without punch-ins or loops, often in one take. In contrast to The Symphonies, these songs are less conceptual and experimental in both sound and content, and more traditional and universal in structure and the studies of love and grief. 2012 will find Wells touring behind Mama, her first release for Partisan Records, and preparing for the release of Pillowfight, her long whispered-about collaboration with legendary producer Dan The Automator.


    Type Band, Official
    Tags All, Singer-Songwriter
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19285


Thomas Dolby
    Thursday March 15, 2012 12:00am - 12:40am @ The Jr (603 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701)

    Thomas Dolby was an indelible part of the electronic music landscape on both sides of the Atlantic in the ’80s. The Zelig of synthpop, he was seemingly there or thereabouts at all points of that crucial decade. He enjoyed huge solo success with the singles “She Blinded Me With Science” and “Hyperactive!”, composed and performed on hits for everyone from AOR giants Foreigner to none-more-quirky new wave girl Lene Lovich, produced three superlative albums for Prefab Sprout, and even co-wrote the much-sampled early rap classic “Magic’s Wand” by Whodini.

    Thomas Dolby was an indelible part of the electronic music landscape...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #ThomasDolby
    Tags All, Electronic
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19853


Free Energy



    Thursday March 15, 2012 8:00pm - 8:40pm @ The Jr (603 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701)
    A punk rock freight train, in a thunderstorm, on a full moon, on Halloween, in a burst of blood and flame... without being overly dramatic its hard to ignore the virginal excitement of this outfit. Turbogeist have blazed trails with Fu Manchu, The Beatsteaks, Fucked Up, The Sword and many others. They made there festival debut at Sonisphere 2011 and Played shows in North America, UK, Europe and South America. All during a frenetic year that has culminated in the recording of there Debut EP on Spinefarm/V2 Records with legendary producer Chris Sheldon. 2012 will bring the release of a debut full length. The taming of sand worm and plenty more miles on the turbo wagon.

    In a world ruled by fabricated pop-music, reality TV talent and...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #Turbogeist
    Tags All, Punk
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19099


The Soldier Thread
    Thursday March 15, 2012 9:00pm - 9:40pm @ The Jr (603 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701)
    The Soldier Thread is an indie pop-rock quintet hailing from Austin, Texas. Having been only patched together since late 2007, the ensemble has already undergone quite an alteration in style. Todd Abels (guitar, keyboard) and Justin McHugh (keyboard, guitar, backup vocals) set out from ambient origins to weave in the missing pieces. Close ties to Patricia Lynn (lead vocals, keyboard) and Drew Vandiver (drums) allowed for an easy joining of loose ends. With Chance Gilmore (bass guitar) eventually completing the chain, the group began to play shows in and around Austin, as well as throughout Texas. The release of In Spades in 2010 marked a shift from true indie sound to more polished, pop-driven tunes. The band went on their first national tour in May 2011, opening for Blue October, and landed the 101X Staff Pick with self-released single "Anybody." The integration of producer Dwight Baker served as the anchor stitch to complete the composite the group currently finds themselves in. Rumors of this particular trend unwinding further are validated by TST's present live set. Additionally, the band just recently recorded a new EP, expected to be released in early 2012.

    The Soldier Thread is an indie pop-rock quintet hailing from...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #TheSoldierThread
    Tags All, Rock
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19100




Moja Adrenalina
    Thursday March 15, 2012 11:00pm - 11:40pm @ The Jr (603 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701)

    Moja Adrenalina is first polish band to work with one of the most important and infuential producing duet in modern alternative music – Ross Robinson and Steve Evetts. New album demonstrates conventionally named by musicians „capitulation of language”.
    Moja Adrenalina is: Piotr Leniewicz – bass, Rafał Modliński – guitar, Adam Adamczyk - vocal and Karol Ludew – drums. They are avant-garde band, with musical style placed somewhere between extreme noise, punk, jazz and polyrhythmics. They exist since 1999. Their debut album "nietoleruje-bije" released in 2004 (press said: "apocaliptic debut!", "...this album should be listed in Relapse catalogue") with legendary, unpredictable live shows (sometimes becoming a kind of a performance) made them one of the breakthrough Polish alternative bands in a last few years. They have been compared to Meshuggah or Converge but still remained their own style rooted in polish cold wave punk and experimental metal.
    In 2010 tracks "nietoleruje-bije" and "y dopatrzenia" were used in last Jerzy Skolimowski’s movie with Vincent Gallo awarded at Venice Film Festival "Essential Killing”. Paweł Mykietyn - one of the greatest Polish composers, author of the movie’s music score said: “Moja Adrenalina is a futuristic band. They are self concious musicians, who hidden very interesting rhythmical and harmonic structures under a layer of noise”.

    Moja Adrenalina is first polish band to work with one of the...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #MojaAdrenalina
    Tags All, Avant-Experimental
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19251


Dope D.O.D.


Sleeping With Sirens
    Friday March 16, 2012 1:00am - 1:50am @ The Jr (603 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701)

    Florida as of late, has churned out dozens of young bands trying to gain recognition, but none have broken out quite as well as Orlando's Sleeping with Sirens. Influenced by metal bands like Drop Dead Gorgeous and rock bands like Dance Gavin Dance, Sleeping with Sirens finds a harmonious balance between melody and aggressive breakdowns. Having sold 24,000+ records on their debut album and touring with bands like From First to Last and Of Mice & Men, Sleeping with Sirens prove that it's entirely possible for newcomers to kick down doors and burst onto the scene. With a live energy that matches the intensity of the recording, SWS are going to be turning heads for anyone within earshot of a pair of speakers. The band released their follow-up in May 2011 to critical acclaim. The album has already sold 17,000+ copies and continues to climb the charts. The sky is the limit for the future of Sleeping With Sirens.

    Florida as of late, has churned out dozens of young bands trying...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #SleepingWithSirens
    Tags All, Rock
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS17462


Nothing More
    Friday March 16, 2012 8:00pm - 8:40pm @ The Jr (603 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701)

    It can be said that the role of an artist is to absorb the beauty, destruction and love of what surrounds them, and to portray it as best they feel to an audience. And it is well understood that the life of an artist can be full of professional hardship, such as public humiliation and financial ruin. But from time to time a group of these brazen and unique individuals will get together and decide that their lives are best served by total commitment to each other and their craft, and you have what we call a band.

    If there are two words that best describe Nothing More, they...

    Type Band, Official
    Tags All, Rock
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19931


Sounds Under Radio
    Friday March 16, 2012 9:00pm - 9:40pm @ The Jr (603 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701)
    With their sophomore release, Where My Communist Heart Meets My Capitalist Mind, Sounds Under Radio continues to build upon the foundational musical truths that they established through their first full length release Cinematica (2008). These are the contrasts between light and dark, guarded and vulnerable, specific and vague that yield a stadium sized, anthemic musical demeanor juxtaposed with quiet, personal intimacy. Through their highly melodic Americanized Brit Rock flair (reminiscent of bands like Muse, Brand New, Dredge and Editors) this Austin TX rock quartet have forged an audience and a sound uniquely their own.

    SOUNDS UNDER RADIO's second full-length album Where My Communist...

    Type Band, Official
    Tags All, Rock
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19930



League of Extraordinary G'z


    Saturday March 17, 2012 8:55pm - 9:10pm @ The Jr (603 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701)

    The capital city of Columbia, SC is beautiful. There are tree lined streets, historical buildings and the neighborhoods are bustling with state politicians and ambitious college students. Singer Nikkiya knows it all too well. Growing up in a Christian family within the city limits, she and her family would sing together. Her gift for singing was nurtured during prayer vigils and beyond in the church, where her stepfather was a deacon. Nikkiya sang whenever she was given the opportunity. She’d sing along to hymns, she’d instantly create songs and warble to anyone listening. She even sang jingles on her mother’s answering machine. It wasn’t until she’d gotten a little older and a bit more musically driven, before she discovered her current path, which was destined from the beginning.
    At the time when Nikkiya began to ponder what she’d eventually end up doing, she was in a desolate place,
    personally. She dabbled in the street life, popping pills, smoking weed and partying for days. Nikkiya’s boyfriend at the time was behind bars, and when she wasn’t hanging out, she was writing him
    letters telling him how much she really wanted to sing for a living. He suggested that she contact an locally-based producer who’d been rapidly gaining buzz named Will Power (aka Supa Hot Beats). “Will was in New York at the time and we kinda kept stalking his
    Speakher Showcase Atlanta With Yelawolf
    and heartbreak, pulling from a familiar part of everyone’s soul no matter where they are in life. “It’s not intentional,” Nikkiya insists, “There are more people living the middle class life than anything else so if I want to relate to people, I need to know what’s good. And I do, from family and just living my own life.”
    Nikkiya’s style is a mash-up of soul, funk, R&B, pop and hip- hop- complete different genres that somehow end up working in unison with her velvety tone and honest verses on her debut EP, SpeakHer. “I feel like it’s an introduction to me. I haven’t put anything out, so it’s all over the place and hopefully it will say that I’m versatile and I get down with everything. Pop, hip-hop... I just hope it’s a good representation of how I am and how genuine and comfortable I am in all those genres and all those feelings.”
    From the start, as a young girl from Columbia, singing and songwriting was what Nikkiya was meant to do. Even as she was finding her own way in the world, there was the constant reminder to go back to what was familiar- what felt right. “As long as I’m able to do what I really love to do, which is just sing and write songs and just vibe with people who love the same things- I’m good,” she says, “Everything else will fall into place. What motivates me is that, I’ve been doing this, I enjoy it and I thank God for it. It’s His gift to me and I just wanna share it.”

    The capital city of Columbia, SC is beautiful. There are tree...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #Nikkiya
    Tags All, Hip-Hop-Rap
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19077


Shane Eli







    Saturday March 17, 2012 10:40pm - 11:00pm @ The Jr (603 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701)
    Torae gained recognition by collaborating with DJ Premier and Marco Polo. He and Polo went on to receive critical acclaim for their collaborative LP entitled Double Barrel. In 2007, HipHopDX featured him in their DXNext underground Hip Hop series. The following year, he was featured in XXL magazine's "Show & Prove" section. In addition to Polo and Premier, Torae has worked with producers Pete Rock, Large Professor, Black Milk, and Khrysis. Torae has collaborated frequently with fellow Brooklyn MCs Skyzoo and Sha Stimuli. He has also worked with Tash of The Alkaholiks, M.O.P., Sean Price, Masta Ace, Wale, Little Brother and Talib Kweli.


    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #Torae
    Tags All, Hip-Hop-Rap
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19078




    Saturday March 17, 2012 11:30pm - 11:45pm @ The Jr (603 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701)

    The Atlanta metropolitan area stretches on for at least 30 miles beyond the Georgia Dome and the World of Coke. Peachtree Street (conspicuously void of actual peach trees) stretches up through several counties, changing its name a number of times, confusing the tourists and the transplants. Furthest to the north of the metro area, sits Gwinnett County; sprawling and well-populated by a mix of out-of-towners hoping to indulge in a slice of that oft-mentioned American Pie: a house in a subdivision with a yard for the kids. After closer observation though, it’s apparent that the suburbs of Gwinnett are the digs to many who don’t fit the cookie cutter, Stepford lifestyle. The county, more frequently being referred to as the Northside, boasts both million dollar homes on golf courses as well as drug hubs in neighborhoods riddled with gang activity. The Northside, essentially, is in stark contradiction to itself. Rapper Rittz is the Northside.
    Raised in Gwinnett County, Rittz embodies the same level of irony and self-conflict as his hometown. Born into a musical family, he, his twin sister and their brother had always been exposed to the inner workings of music. The fact that their parents were heavily into rock and roll ensured that the kids were always around instruments or in studios. The family moved from small-town Pennsylvania (Waynesburg) to the Atlanta outskirts when he was eight years old, and once Rittz got to junior high, his musical tastes evolved. Atlanta’s booming bass and rap movement had traveled north on I-85 to get the entire metro area jumping.


    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #Rittz
    Tags All, Hip-Hop-Rap
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS18804


    Saturday March 17, 2012 11:55pm - 12:15am @ The Jr (603 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701)
    In the world of Hip‐Hop, the word “wax” has multiple meanings – all of which pertain to the true roots of 
    the culture. “Wax” as a verb means to speak enthusiastically, as many lyricists do in their rhymes. “Wax” 
    as a noun is a euphemism for vinyl, the original means that Hip‐Hop music was delivered upon. Now, Hip‐
    Hop can add a new meaning to the word “Wax”: an emcee who maintains the essence of Hip‐Hop, while 
    pushing it forward. 
    Wax began his love affair with music at a very early age, thanks to three little letters: MTV. “My dad was 
    kind of a couch potato, so we were the first people in the neighborhood to get cable,” the Dunkirk, 
    Maryland native recalls. “I had MTV from a really early age.” Raised on a healthy diet of Guns N Roses, Def 
    Leppard, and NWA, it wasn’t long before Wax wanted to make music of his own. 
    At ten years old, he received a guitar for his birthday and learned to play, pairing his strumming with 
    rhymes. That eventually led to Wax starting a band called MacGregor (“Like the cheap sporting 
    equipment”), touring the country and making records in the hopes of getting signed. “We didn’t really 
    know what we were doing though,” he says. 
    Once MacGregor broke up, Wax held a bunch of odd jobs: mortgage sales, pizza delivery, courier, hotel 
    services, and the list goes on. While simultaneously perfecting his craft, Wax saw music as a part‐time 
    venture, not knowing what the future held…in California. 
    Once Wax made the pilgrimage to California, things started happening, both bad and good. For one, he 
    moved to San Diego for his then girlfriend. As soon as they reached the West Coast the relationship fell 
    apart, leaving Wax depressed and unmotivated. Wax spent the next year in an alcohol‐induced stupor, 
    working construction by day and blowing his paycheck on liquor by night. “I was living in a garage and it 
    just didn’t feel right,” Wax recalls. “I knew that I could do better than this.” While Wax maintained his 
    writing and recording of music throughout, he began to take it more seriously, and LA was the place to 
    start. He and his twin brother, Herbal T, began making videos of rhymes, skits, and everything in between. 
    They posted the vids on YouTube, which in turn led to millions of views. In addition, VIBE.com held a video  contest, where Wax’s video was a finalist, giving him heightened exposure. Through word of mouth, 
    Wax’s buzz began organically, and the music industry began to take notice. The rest, as they say, is 
    Honing his craft for years, Wax’s sound is an amalgam of various influences. Simply put, he describes his 
    sound as a mix of “Johnny Cash and Jay‐Z”. Ambitious artists to align himself with, but listening to his 
    music, the word “authentic” comes to mind. 
    “I think the reason why my sound comes off as so authentic and organic is because I’ve been doing it for 
    so long,” he explains. “ I’ve been in a band, I’ve been on tour performing for live crowds, and I have a twin 
    brother who I grew up making music with…we influenced each other.” 
    Of course, people who listen with their eyes will place Wax with career white rappers. “People say 
    Sublime, people say Eminem, people say Beastie Boys. Any white rapper they say I sound like,” Wax 
    comments, but he doesn’t take that negatively. “I don’t care about the stigma about white rappers 
    because I don’t give a fuck what people say about me,” he continues. “That stuff just doesn’t bother me. 
    Everybody has to reference something they already know.” 
    Wax is currently in the process of working on his debut album, but to tide fans over has the Scrublife 
    mixtape; “scrublife” being a term he holds near and dear to his heart. 
    “Scrublife is the representation of a lifestyle, and if y’all were here right now, I wouldn’t even have to say 
    shit,” Wax jokes. “In my kitchen right now, there’s eggs all over my floor, it’s horrific in here. That’s kind of 
    like the representation of what Scrublife is. Living dirty, living broke, and not caring. It’s the opposite of 
    “Scrublife” has since evolved into Wax’s record label name, a joint venture with Def Jam.  The Scrublife 
    mixtape will include new songs as well as old songs, and will serve as a precursor to Wax’s formal debut. 
    As Wax continues his journey to fame, with a fan base constantly swelling (he’s already had fans show up 
    on his doorstep), he maintains his Scrublife mantra while reinventing the wheel of Hip‐Hop. “Picture a 
    rapper with a gold chain and a car…I’m the exact opposite of that,” he says. “Beer bottles all over the 
    place, and a smile on your face.”  

    In the world of Hip‐Hop, the word “wax” has multiple meanings – all of which pertain to the true roots of...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #Wax
    Tags All, Hip-Hop-Rap
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19058






    Sunday March 18, 2012 8:00pm - 8:40pm @ The Jr (603 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701)
    D E N A is the music project of Berlin-based song writer and vocalist Dena Todorova.
    Born and raised in Bulgaria, she moved to Berlin few years ago, where she focused on writing and working on music.
    Dena stepped into focus as a guest vocalist on the two The Whitest Boy Alive albums. Now she’s cutting a dash with pop songs influenced by oldschool Hiphop, R&B and electronic music.
    Currently finalizing her debut album with Finnish producer Jonas Verwijnen in Kaiku Studios Berlin, she is aiming to publish her first record further this year.
    In summer 2011 D E N A started to play live in Berlin's club scene, and has already played a couple of support-shows for bands such as LCMDF, Kakkmaddafakka, Yip Deceiver and Das Racist.

    D E N A is the music project of Berlin-based song writer and...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #DENA
    Tags All, Pop
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19826




Best Fwends


Lederhosen Lucil
    Sunday March 18, 2012 11:00pm - 11:40pm @ The Jr (603 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701)

    Who is Lederhosen Lucil? She's the brainchild of multi-disciplinary artist Krista Muir who is currently based out of Montreal. Lucil is a fauxvarian pop princess who has descended on earth in her many-themed "hosen" to bring laughter, joy and music to the masses. She is here to discover the quirks and quarks of human nature while making people dance with her kitsch music! With her army of vintage keyboards and mini instrument collection, Lucil will charm you with both melody and wit. A favorite of co-collaborator DJ Kid Koala, Lucil has released two full-length albums to date and will release a third in 2013. Lucil's motto: Always make time to hose!

    Who is Lederhosen Lucil? She's the brainchild of multi-disciplinary...

    Type Band, Official
    Tags All, Pop
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19814


DJ Jester the Filipino Fist



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