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Guy + Girl Party
    Saturday March 10, 2012 6:00pm - 12:00am @ Stubb's (801 Red River St)

    Kirtsy + Guy Kawasaki invite you to the fourth annual 

    Guy Kawasaki and the girls of Kirtsy invite you to celebrate "What's Next" on stage, on tap, and on and-on-and-on in the ATX for SXSW Interactive. And to celebrate properly, we're going to seriously step it up 2012 style and relocate to the one, the only, the legendary Stubb's BBQ outdoor amphitheater. 

    JOIN US!

    Featuring SXSW showcase bands

    The Tontons
    Wild Moccasins
    Quiet Company
    Dave Wrangler 
    The Kingston Springs

    A variety of excellent Samuel Adams beer will be on tap as our favorite beer of choice. (Stubbs outdoors, 6 pm to midnight). The admission is free. The beer is not. But the beer is rad.

    We'll let you in on the latest in awesome midnight snacking at the Official Afterparty (Stubbs indoors, midnight to 2 am)

    And watch out for all kinds of other awesomeness we have up our sleeves...

    SPONSORED BY: Sam Adams, Kellogg's, 1800 Specs, BBVA Compass Stadium, RedRover app, Fishbowl Records, and your local host Culture Map. 

    PRODUCED BY: The Convoy Group

    ART BY: Jason McElweenie of You Might Know Me Agency

    Attendance is limited, and you must RSVP "Yes" to be on the list.

    (You'll have to RSVP. So go ahead and do that right now. If you are planning to attend and bring guests, please be sure to "JOIN+" on this event page and comment the number of guests you plan to bring. We are limited by the capacity of the venue. Once the venue is full, it will be one out and one in. SO, come early!!)

    Type Party, Unofficial



Interactive Closing Party (Media Temple)


The Interactive Closing Party Presented by (mt) Media Temple



Sharon Van Etten



Alabama Shakes


Andrew Bird


Red Light Management Party
    Thursday March 15, 2012 10:00am - 4:00pm @ Stubb's (801 Red River St)

    This is Red Light Management’s debut day party at South By Southwest. Join us for a one-of-a-kind mini-festival at the world famous Stubb’s BBQ in Austin, TX. You will experience two stages and 14 amazing bands, including: Alabama Shakes, Alberta Cross, Alpha Rev, Grace Woodroofe, JD McPherson, Jonny Corndawg, Kopecky Family Band, Lucero, Milow, My Name Is John Michael, Nathaniel Rateliff, Punch Brothers, Rayland Baxter and The Silent Comedy. Start with us early for tacos and Bloody Mary’s, and see a full day of music you will never forget.
    Time: 10:00 a.m. PST – 4:00 p.m. PST
    Type Party, Music
    Tags All, Hip-Hop-Rap
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_OE01853


Milo Greene
    Thursday March 15, 2012 8:00pm - 8:40pm @ Stubb's (801 Red River St)
    Folk rockers Milo Greene are staying busy this fall. The California group are touring with The Civil Wars, Grouplove and Belle Brigade over the next few months as well as recording their yet-to-be-named debut album, set for release next spring. Band members Robbie Arnett, Andrew Heringer and Marlana Sheetz met in college, where they created a character named Milo Greene, sending out emails in his name to promote their creative endeavors. As the songs came together, Curtis Marrero (who had played with Arnett in Links) and Graham Fink (formerly of the Outline) were enticed to join and the quintet took the name Milo Greene.

    Folk rockers Milo Greene are staying busy this fall. The California...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #MiloGreene
    Tags All, Rock
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19131


Dry the River


White Arrows



Saint Motel
    Thursday March 15, 2012 10:40pm - 11:00pm @ Stubb's (801 Red River St)

    With sophisticated savvy and singularity, the Los Angeles quartet Saint Motel has built a formidable reputation on the back of inventive indie pop and wildly fun live shows. Mixing blistering pep with unique flair and rousing rhythms, Saint Motel's aural catharsis is pure bliss with a twist of cynical humor. Once pulled in by the pulsating and joyous melodies, delight can be found in the surprisingly avant-garde lyrical subject matter. Stories reveal themselves through thematic twists and turns with a narrative voice both subversive and sincere. We find our contemporary hero assessing the world through a lens of poetic contrasts -- running down the line of his modern concerns and realizing that a mangled face can be beautiful, that honest feedback can be as lethal as any weapon, and that one might be better off when he has nothing at all. With such honest motifs strung together by tongue-in-cheek notions, delivered with such charm, the band's intentions are often left open to interpretation. And so, what might be easily perceived as sexy with one listen, with another might seem mean-spirited or flatly perverse. That is the flair of Saint Motel's rapturous pop and the graceful dichotomy of its existence.

    With sophisticated savvy and singularity, the Los Angeles quartet...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #SaintMotel
    Tags All, Rock
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19506



The Temper Trap


SPIN Magazine's Austin Throwdown
    Friday March 16, 2012 12:00pm - 6:00pm @ Stubb's (801 Red River St)

    It all goes down Friday afternoon, March 16, from noon until 6 p.m. with a lot of help from our sponsors Sonos, Miller Genuine Draft, Red Diamond Wines, and SESAC. And guess what: Some of you can win the chance to attend this affair! Follow @spinsxsw for details, and stay tuned for our fest preview and free mixtape, coming up next week!

    SPIN's 2012 party lineup:
    Best Coast
    The Big Pink
    Spoek Mathambo

    Big K.R.I.T.
    Main Attrakionz 
    Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire
    Dionvox (Pop Chips contest victors!)


    Type Party, Unofficial
    Info Y


Big K.R.I.T.


Ed Sheeran


Of Monsters and Men


Avalanche City
    Friday March 16, 2012 9:40pm - 10:00pm @ Stubb's (801 Red River St)
    Avalanche City is the brainchild of Dave Baxter, a musician whose background stretches across many genres and influences, culminating in a sound that is an impressive and eclectic range of various instruments, melodies and harmonies. The depth and perspective create a dynamic atmosphere that is rich and raw all at once. The epicentre of Avalanche City is Baxter himself, who writes, conceives, produces, records and plays every instrument on this debut album ‘Our New Life Above The Ground’.

    Avalanche City is the brainchild of Dave Baxter, a musician whose...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #AvalancheCity
    Tags All, Folk
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19509


Delta Spirit
    Friday March 16, 2012 10:00pm - 10:40pm @ Stubb's (801 Red River St)

    When it came time to record Delta Spirit’s third album, the band members knew one thing: It was time to shake off the stylistic labels that have shadowed them since they formed in San Diego, CA, in 2005. Though lyricists Matt Vasquez and Kelly Winrich were grateful for the warm reviews that their previous albums Ode To Sunshine (2008) and History From Below (2010) received, they were perplexed at being called “rootsy Americana” or “twangy folk.” In their eyes, Delta Spirit has always been a thoroughly modern rock band, and, with their self-titled new album, they set out to prove it.

    When it came time to record Delta Spirit’s third album, the...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #DeltaSpirit
    Tags All, Rock
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19104


Elle King


    Friday March 16, 2012 11:00pm - 11:40pm @ Stubb's (801 Red River St)
    Close your eyes. Okay, no wait — open them because you need to keep reading — but close them in spirit. Now pretend fun. is not a band, but an amusement park. Just replace the guitar with a log flume and the percussion with a carousel. Now imagine the crowds lining up for a ride on fun.’s sophomore record, Some Nights. The line snakes around the whole park. Maybe there are some bearded ladies on it. Maybe lots of bearded ladies. Anyway. As you get closer, you see the entrance to Some Nights is actually Nate Ruess’ head. His mouth is open wider than should be physically possible and his uvula dangles in the dark. The musical tracks harden into wooden rollercoaster tracks. You get on the car, and with a jerk, it starts to move. There’s that familiar feeling that tells you something pretty transformative is about to happen. Lights flash as you go plummeting into the darkness. The rollercoaster version of Some Nights follows the same path as the album version: colorful on the outside, deeper than you had imagined in the center, and so good it’ll make your head spin.
    Want to go again?
    “I had met Jack briefly once and thought he was kind of a douche,” says Nate Ruess of his first encounter with Jack Antonoff. They were 18 years old and going, separately, to punk rock shows in southern New Jersey. Nate had worked at one of the clubs since he was 16 (“It’s how I developed a sense of what really works, and what is boring.”), and Jack was in love with the whole scene--well, almost the whole scene.
    “In the late 90s there was just a brilliant punk world happening in legion halls and fire houses. I was immediately taken with Nate’s voice but everything else – no.” Years later, Nate, who was the lead singer of The Format at the time and Jack, Steel Train’s front man, wound up on tour together. Impressions hadn’t changed much. “It was just like an, ‘Oh God, this guy,’ vibe from both of us right off the bat. But 24 hours into that tour, Nate and I became inseparable.”
    When The Format broke up, Nate’s first call was to Jack.
    Though not a “meet-cute” tale, it’s indicative of who fun. is as a band. You hear them and think, “Are they really going to pull off this sound, this arrangement, and create a moving, catchy, memorable rock song?” It’s become their signature. So long as that signature has one last element: Nate’s second call was to Andrew Dost, the force behind all the literal bells and whistles of fun. “Andrew,” says Jack, “is one of those people who see the world like a giant art project. I can’t begin to tell you how vital he is in our band.”
    “My first impressions of them were both overwhelmingly positive,” says Andrew Dost, “I’ve heard they were….unsure of each other when they first met?”
    fun. has not stopped living up to its name since their 2009 debut, Aim & Ignite. A year after the debut they were opening for Paramore on their headlining tour and performing at Coachella along with The Strokes and Jay-Z. Now they’ve teamed up with Janelle Monáe, a melodic collaboration on display in one of three videos for “We Are Young.” In addition, the TV series “Glee” just plucked “We Are Young” off Some Nights to cover on the show, an experience that meant the world to a band that prides itself on appealing to any demographic that might feel disenfranchised or just plain odd. “None have us have ever felt like anything but outcasts our entire lives,” says Jack, “and I know that’s something that has resonated with fun. fans. They are the same people as us — kids who never fully latched onto a specific music scene because it couldn't define them.”
    With a trail of accolades behind them, fun. knew they had to step up their game in an unexpected way when it came to producing their second record. “I got really got into hip-hop,” says Nate, “I mean really into it. Songs started coming to me in the middle of the night, and I would hear them with breakbeats and samples, and it all made sense… I told everyone I wanted the next record to sound like a hip-hop album, and I don’t think they were unsupportive, but they were definitely confused.” Then, a few hours before a show in Phoenix, the band snuck into a music room at Arizona State University. Nate doesn’t play any instruments, but by now Jack and Andrew have learned to “crack the code.” This time the code was for the track that would become “Some Nights.” Andrew pounded out the chords out on a piano, while Nate sang, and Jack stomped his feet and clapped as hard as he could to establish the pulse of the song. “That moment really brought us together as the band that was going to be making this album….I just had to explain how the MPC (Music Production Center) would be our new best friend.”
    Jack is a whip-smart horn-rimmed glasses-wearing guitarist whose influences are Tom Waits, Jack White, and Neil Young.
    Andrew counts the flugelhorn and glockenspiel among his conquered instruments. (Influences: Weezer, ELO, and Claude Debussy.)
    And here they were, jumping out of their skin, listening to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Drake in a concrete building in the middle of the desert.
    “What can I say? Eventually they fell victim to Drizzy,” laughs Nate.
    When pressed by their label and management for a list of potential producers, Nate consulted the albums he loved most. The name that appeared time and time again was "Jeff Bhasker.”
    The legendary Grammy-winning producer for Alicia Keys and Kanye West had his hands full at the time, working with Beyoncé, and the band worried that they might not have a chance to meet him. Finally, one night late at The Bowery Hotel, Nate got his chance. Their relationship was one that fit nicely into the grand tradition of fun. “Jeff wasn’t very, shall we say, warm. He had been working on Beyoncé all day, and he really gave the vibe that he didn’t want to be meeting with me...but thank God for alcohol. We ended up hitting it off, and since I was drunk and lacking self-awareness, I decided to sing him something I had been working on. I remember singing the chorus for "We Are Young" kind of loud and out of key. That’s when I learned that Jeff does this thing when he’s excited where his eyes perk up and somehow his ears move all the way to the top of his head. He told me we had to work together.”
    fun. was on their way to becoming the band that would — that could — produce Some Nights.
    “Jeff left a huge imprint in our brains,” says Andrew, “and for me at least, made me realize all over again that songs are special, and that they deserve to sound unique. His palette of sounds is huge.” Or, as Jack says: “Jeff pushed the shit out of us, and he’s nothing like us. He helped us do something way bigger than what we could have done on our own."
    Jeff heard the songs stripped down with just vocals, acoustic guitar and piano before the band went into the studio with him.
    “Jeff has an energy, a talent, confidence, and a way of making you feel confident, like no one I've ever met, or probably will ever meet,” says Nate. “Suddenly here was a gigantic beat on top of those acoustics and pianos. Jack’s guitar solo in ‘Carry On’ was one of those magical moments. I’ve never seen anyone so in control of their tone, and for him to take the lyrics, internalize them, and redistribute it into the form of a guitar solo, is just so unbelievable, and it’s a huge testament to his passion for music.”
    Lyrically, Some Nights has a uniquely impactful note — and it’s not always an upbeat one. See also: the line “I got nothing left inside my chest but it’s all alright” in “All Alright.” “I was just coming off of a darker and more introspective year,” Nate remembers, “You know, I remember being a freshman in high school and feeling like an outsider who always wanted this one girl to notice me, and I would listen to ‘El Scorcho’ by Weezer and couldn’t help but smile because there was at least one other person in the world who felt how I felt. That’s what I hope to accomplish as a lyricist. But I was having anxiety attacks about whether or not I could still write a song, let alone still wanting to make music. The...

    Close your eyes. Okay, no wait — open them because you need...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #fun.
    Tags All, Rock
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19132


    Friday March 16, 2012 11:40pm - 12:00am @ Stubb's (801 Red River St)

    Gifted new artist Devin will make his Frenchkiss debut on November 15 with the three-song EP You’re Mine. After hearing a track Devin recorded in his home studio, Frenchkiss label owner Syd Butler caught Devin’s compelling live performance and signed him soon after. Says Butler of the signing, “We could not be more excited to be working with Devin. He’s a game changer.”
    Devin’s live shows are garnering attention quickly, including Brooklyn Vegan who declared “Devin's flamboyant stage presence mixed with his passionate vocal delivery make his performances extremely memorable. His energetic antics recall those of Iggy Pop and New York Dolls era David Johansen, while maintaining his own on-stage personality,” while The LA Record praised “the songs smelled of leather motorcycle jackets and hollow body guitars.” A recent post from the Sour Mash blog states “from his classic rock, punk-infused tunes to his onstage swagger it was no wonder we fell in love immediately.”
    You’re Mine was written while Devin worked at a Brooklyn shipping warehouse and contains what he calls his “first good songs.” Self-recording “busted demos” of these tracks in 2009 helped him refine his sound: straight-ahead rock & roll with elements of soul and punk. These songs represent the shift when Devin became the songwriter he is today and sparked six months of writing the material that would develop into the You're Mine EP and a full length to be released early next year on Frenchkiss Records.

    Gifted new artist Devin will make his Frenchkiss debut on November...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #Devin
    Tags All, Rock
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19512


The Drums
    Saturday March 17, 2012 12:00am - 12:40am @ Stubb's (801 Red River St)

    Emerging from Brooklyn via Florida in 2009, The Drums initially caught the ear of the indie world with their Summertime! EP. It was an escapist collection of beach pop fantasies; tracks suffused with a wistful, longing nostalgia that never pandered to cheap sentimentality. Their rise, particularly in the UK, was meteoric. Early buzz led to a prestigious spot on the BBC Sound of 2010 shortlist, followed in short succession by a slot on the Shockwaves NME Tour in 2009, and the publication’s Phillip Hall Radar Award in early 2010, well before the album’s release that summer.

    Emerging from Brooklyn via Florida in 2009, The Drums initially...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #TheDrums
    Tags All, Rock
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19135


The Pierces



Rachel Ray Feedback Party



Justin Townes Earle
    Saturday March 17, 2012 9:00pm - 9:55pm @ Stubb's (801 Red River St)

    On a rainy Nashville Thursday last October, Justin Townes Earle leapt onstage at the famed Ryman Auditorium to accept the 2011 Americana Music Award for Song of the Year. The triumphant evening capped a turbulent twelve months for the gifted young musician categorized by significant hardship as well as notable achievement including debut performances at New York's Carnegie Hall and on The Late Show with David Letterman.

    Just one week later, Earle retreated to the western mountains of North Carolina to record his next album, Nothing's Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now - an intriguing title given the importance of change in Earle's approach to art. "I think it's the job of the artist to be in transition and constantly learning more," he says. "The new record is completely different than my last one, Harlem River Blues. This time I've gone in a Memphis-soul direction."

    Those who've followed Earle's growth since releasing his debut EP Yuma in 2007 won't be surprised he's shooting off in another direction. For an artist whose list of influences runs the gamut from Randy Newman to Woody Guthrie, Chet Baker to the Replacements, and Phil Ochs to Bruce Springsteen, categories are useless.

    "Great songs are great songs," Earle says. "If you listen to a lot of soul music, especially the Stax Records stuff, the chord progressions are just like country music. And just like country music, soul music began in the church, so it has its roots in the same place."

    Perhaps then it's also not surprising Earle chose a converted church in Asheville, NC to record Nothing's Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now. Recorded completely live (no overdubs) over a four-day period with Harlem River Blues co-producer Skylar Wilson, the album sheds the rockabilly bravado of previous records in favor of a confident, raw, and vulnerable sound. Says Earle, "the whole idea was to record everything live, making everything as real as it could be, and putting something out there that will hopefully stand the test of time and space."

    The result: songs like "Down on the Lower East Side" and "Unfortunately, Anna" are equally timely and timeless. The former finds Earle channeling Closing Time era Tom Waits while the latter echoes the dirges of Springsteen's Darkness on the Edge of Town. That said, gentle heartbreakers like the album's title track and "Am I That Lonely Tonight" are uniquely Earle, solidifying his role as one of his generation's greatest songwriters.

    Nothing's Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now comes out March 27th via Bloodshot Records.

    On a rainy Nashville Thursday last October, Justin Townes Earle...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #JustinTownesEarle
    Tags All, Alt Country
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19649


Blitzen Trapper
    Saturday March 17, 2012 10:15pm - 10:55pm @ Stubb's (801 Red River St)
    American Goldwing is Sub Pop’s third full-length release with Portland’s Blitzen Trapper and the band’s sixth full-length overall. Over the course of their career they’ve earned rave reviews (from Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, SPIN, and a whole lot more), played on television, appeared at festivals all around the world, done a staggering amount of touring, and sold a whole bunch of records. All of which is distinctly less interesting that what Blitzen Trapper singer/songwriter/guitarist Eric Earley has to say about the band’s new record, American Goldwing…

    American Goldwing is Sub Pop’s third full-length release with...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #BlitzenTrapper
    Tags All, Rock
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS20045



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