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    Thursday March 8, 2012 1:00pm - 6:00pm @ St. David's Episcopal Church (301 E 8th St, Austin, TX 78701)

    mobile.faith provides an opportunity for individuals involved in faith communities and in technology from Austin and around the globe to share how they are forging ahead in this rapidly emerging space. This gathering addresses one of the great challenges of our age: to live connected to one another through technology, and to do so in ways that are beneficial to our soulwork, connected in our communities, and useful to the world.


    Speakers include: Leo Brunnick, founder and the CEO of Patheos.com; Dr. Maria A. Dixon,  assistant professor of corporate communication and public affairs at Southern Methodist University; Jason Illian, CEO/Founder at Rethink Books, former CEO of GodTube; Jonny Baker,  founder of Proost, an online worship & ministry media collective

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Mini TOC Austin (O'Reilly Tools of Change)
    Friday March 9, 2012 9:30am - 5:30pm @ St. David's Episcopal Church (301 E 8th St, Austin, TX 78701)

    So, you may be asking yourself, what is a mini TOC? Well, for one - it's small. The attendance for Mini TOCs are limited - at Mini TOC Austin, we'll have a maximum crowd of 200 smart, engaging bookish, techy people.

    And small is good. While the focus at mini TOC is on the intersection of technology and publishing -- just like at the "big" TOCs, at Mini TOCs, the crowd is small, the atmosphere is intimate and informal, and all the emphasis is on attendees and presenters sharing the conversations.

    At Mini TOC Austin, the presentations are just the jumping off point for discussions that involve everyone in attendance. We mix up the format so there will be some "thinky" idea-oriented sessions where presenters will lead discussions post-preso -- and some "do-y" technical Q+As, where attendees can ask the experts about things like digital conversion, layout and UX. It's FOO Camp meets BookCamp, meets unconference, meets TOC, meets (sorta kinda) MakerFaire.


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Dewey Ceremony + AIR-Interactive Awards
    Sunday March 11, 2012 7:00pm - 9:00pm @ St. David's Episcopal Church (301 E 8th St, Austin, TX 78701)

    In today's world, technology is more than just a convenience; it is a vessel through which visionaries can tackle tough problems, raise their voices, and improve lives. The 2012 Dewey Ceremony and AIR-Interactive Awards celebrates the potential of technology for good - and those who are driving the change!

    The Dewey Winburne Community Service Awards
    Dewey Winburne, a co-founder of the SXSW Interactive Festival, was a teacher who spent much of his energy training at-risk youth to make use of digital technology. Dewey believed that the new media revolution could help level the playing field between the haves and the have-nots in our society. SXSW Interactive honors his vision each spring with the Dewey Winburne Community Service Award.

    In 2012, ten honorees from around the country and the globe will be recognized for their contribution to society through technology.

    The Accessibility Internet Rally, started in Austin in 1999, is a web-development competition that teaches the importance of making information technology accessible for all people - including those with disabilities. Each year, teams of volunteer web developers come together to learn accessible design skills and to build a website for an artist, musician, or non-profit organization in their community.

    In 2012, seven teams are competing from Austin and across the nation in this dynamic program.

    Join us at 7:00 pm on Sunday, March 11 at St. David's Church (301 East 8th St) to honor these outstanding community activitists! Plus, enjoy the music of Mother Falcon, a local favorite, after the ceremony!

    Appetizers will be served at 7:00pm; a cash bar with a selection of beer and wine will be available.

    Admission to the Dewey Ceremony does NOT require a SXSW badge. The public is welcome!


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