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Ben Kweller
    In 2009, Ben Kweller moved back to Texas after 10 years in New York City. To welcome himself home, he made a country record that released a voice he’d been hearing in his head since his earliest days growing up in Greenville, TX. After circling the globe for two years in support of Changing Horses, Kweller was ready to go electric again, and the songs began to flow quickly. Go Fly A Kite is Kweller’s fifth studio album, and a triumphant debut for his Austin-based label, The Noise Company. The album hits hard with the unforgettably melodic and heartwarming fuzzed-out sound that first put him on the map with his debut in 2002. With Go Fly A Kite, Kweller proves that he has evolved yet managed to maintain the deft songwriting sensibility and diversity for which he is known and loved.


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Blitzen Trapper


Heartless Bastards

    From Melanie Haupt, The Austin Chronicle:

    When a woman finds herself single in her 30s, either because she just got out of a long relationship or just hasn't found the one, she might go through a certain mourning process. There may be multiple pints of Häagen-Dazs or contemplation of a future accompanied by a bevy of cats all named Sweetie.

    For Erika Wennerstrom, 34, possessor of Austin's Heartless Bastards, the dissolution of a nine-year partnership provided the impetus for self-discernment that eventually became 2009's The Mountain for Fat Possum Records and now Arrow (Partisan).

    "It took a while to readjust and get back to myself," Wennerstrom recalls from a tour bus in North Carolina. "[Arrow] picks up where the last album left off, and it's how I rediscover who I am post-relationship and find a sense of comfort in being on my own."

    The new album, produced by fast-becoming-production-legend Jim Eno (also known as the drummer for Spoon), serves up a heaping platter of dirty blues and garage riffs, Wennerstrom shuffling restlessly between the poles of vulnerability and ass-kicking, with tightly controlled melodies that serve as both mirror and counterpoint to the story.

    "I tend to write from a personal place," she admits. "I feel like I'm trying to write a song that I would like to listen to."

    Arrow also finds the Heartless Bastards morphed into a quartet with the addition of guitarist Mark Nathan, the effect of which has tangible results in the way the band's sound has gelled with this release, which many have deemed the one that will make Heartless Bastards' fortune.

    "There's a chemistry between us as people and musicians, and I hope it comes across on this record."

    Brimming with confidence and creativity, Arrow sees Heartless...

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Justin Townes Earle

    On a rainy Nashville Thursday last October, Justin Townes Earle leapt onstage at the famed Ryman Auditorium to accept the 2011 Americana Music Award for Song of the Year. The triumphant evening capped a turbulent twelve months for the gifted young musician categorized by significant hardship as well as notable achievement including debut performances at New York's Carnegie Hall and on The Late Show with David Letterman.

    Just one week later, Earle retreated to the western mountains of North Carolina to record his next album, Nothing's Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now - an intriguing title given the importance of change in Earle's approach to art. "I think it's the job of the artist to be in transition and constantly learning more," he says. "The new record is completely different than my last one, Harlem River Blues. This time I've gone in a Memphis-soul direction."

    Those who've followed Earle's growth since releasing his debut EP Yuma in 2007 won't be surprised he's shooting off in another direction. For an artist whose list of influences runs the gamut from Randy Newman to Woody Guthrie, Chet Baker to the Replacements, and Phil Ochs to Bruce Springsteen, categories are useless.

    "Great songs are great songs," Earle says. "If you listen to a lot of soul music, especially the Stax Records stuff, the chord progressions are just like country music. And just like country music, soul music began in the church, so it has its roots in the same place."

    Perhaps then it's also not surprising Earle chose a converted church in Asheville, NC to record Nothing's Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now. Recorded completely live (no overdubs) over a four-day period with Harlem River Blues co-producer Skylar Wilson, the album sheds the rockabilly bravado of previous records in favor of a confident, raw, and vulnerable sound. Says Earle, "the whole idea was to record everything live, making everything as real as it could be, and putting something out there that will hopefully stand the test of time and space."

    The result: songs like "Down on the Lower East Side" and "Unfortunately, Anna" are equally timely and timeless. The former finds Earle channeling Closing Time era Tom Waits while the latter echoes the dirges of Springsteen's Darkness on the Edge of Town. That said, gentle heartbreakers like the album's title track and "Am I That Lonely Tonight" are uniquely Earle, solidifying his role as one of his generation's greatest songwriters.

    Nothing's Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now comes out March 27th via Bloodshot Records.

    On a rainy Nashville Thursday last October, Justin Townes Earle...

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