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The Austin Chronicle Film Bash


The Nikon HD-SLR Workshop with The Bui Brothers
    Tuesday March 13, 2012 1:00pm - 3:00pm @ La Zona Rosa (612 W 4th St)
    Nikon is bringing SXSW attendees a practical HD-SLR workshop hosted by The Bui Brothers on how to plot and shoot a music video. Featuring local Austin rockers, The Statesboro Revue, attendees will watch and interact with The Bui Brothers as they bring this video production to life with their insightful video techniques and their always entertaining personalities. For aspiring filmmakers, Nikon HD-SLRs including the new Nikon D4 and D800 will be on hand.
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    Tuesday March 13, 2012 11:05pm - 11:55pm @ La Zona Rosa (612 W 4th St)
    Having risen to fame with chart successes such as ‘Let The Bass Kick’ and ‘Aftershock,’ Chuckie’s career has continued to develop thus turning him into a global phenomenon who never fails to win over legions of fans with his upfront approach to making and playing music. Taking dance and urban music by storm in Europe, The United States, and South America and beyond, he is spreading the Chuckie flavour with his explosive beats, surprise FXs and adulated climaxes. Although Amsterdam based, this truly international DJ and producer works tirelessly to fit everything into his hectic schedule whether he’s on a plane or in a hotel room as he travels the globe performing to millions of fans in the world’s best clubs.
    Born in South America’s Suriname as Clyde Sergio Narain, Chuckie later moved to The Netherlands where his passion for hip-hop and electronic music grew and eventually manifested itself in his decision to become a DJ and producer. His energetic mixing skills coupled with his ability to effortlessly cross over into various different musical styles and his understanding of how to work a crowd has made Chuckie one of the most in demand DJs in the world. A strong purveyor of Amsterdam’s ‘dirty house’ sound, Chuckie has helped spread the sound of the city to the global dance scene, marking Amsterdam as an important player in this global industry. His own ‘Dirty Dutch’ club concept has evolved over the years from a solid urban event for 6,000 people into a massive house music night for 30,000 people and now even consistently sells out Amsterdam’s RAI stadium in record time.
    Chuckie’s touring schedule is as relentless as it is impressive. Playing headline sets at the world’s premier clubs, Chuckie regularly touches down in a different country each day, skipping across the continents to enthral fans at the most famous events in the world. In addition to his residency for the large-scale Sensation events in Europe, Chuckie also holds three residencies in the USA where he travels to each and every month to play LAVO in New York, Marquee in Las Vegas and LIV in Miami. The ‘Mix King’ is also a regular at festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, SxSW in Texas, Fuji Rock in Japan, Creamfields in Australia, Electric Zoo and EDC not to mention his countless other gigs he plays around the globe in cities such as London, Buenos Aires, Belgrade, Montreal and Stockholm.
    Chuckie also brings the raucous to the White Isle each summer as the world’s electronic music fans flock to the clubbing capital of the world, Ibiza. Summer 2011 has seen Chuckie become the new resident for Eric Morillo’s esteemed Subliminal nights at Pacha. Playing five dates across the season, Chuckie has been accepted into the Subliminal family with whom he will collaborate at the Subliminal – Dirty Dutch Invasion Pacha Parties and Café Mambo. During Wednesday’s his record label Dirty Dutch Records brings the heat to Blue Marlin at Cala Jondal for the conoscenti of the island to come and enjoy the sunshine and beats provided by himself and his label cohorts.
    After winning MOBO awards in both 2004 and 2005, Chuckie has proven to be a prolific hit maker in the studio too with a steady back catalogue of highly successful singles and remixes ever since. 2009’s ‘Let The Bass Kick’ became the anthem of that summer and eventually went on to reach no.9 in the UK singles chart, catapulting him into the global consciousness. Since then tracks like ‘Aftershock’ and ‘Move it2 The Drum’ with Hardwell have continued to enhance the reputation of this enthusiastic and dedicated producer. A constantly requested remixer, Chuckie has reworked the likes of David Guetta and Bob Sinclair before adding official remixes for P Diddy’s Dirty Diddy Money and Michael Jackson to his resume. Indeed Chuckie was the only person asked to do the official remix for the King Of Pop’s ‘Hollywood Tonight’ in March 2011, a dream come true for the charismatic Dutchman. For his latest remixes, Chuckie has brought his no nonsense approach to The Saturday’s ‘ Notorious’ and Eric Morillo’s ‘Stronger.’
    Having landed a multi album artist deal with Atlantic Records in the USA, Chuckie has spent the latter part of 2010 and on into 2011 working on his own material in the studio alongside megastars such as of TPain, Tinie Tempah, Kesha, Alexis Jordan, P Diddy, 50 Cent, Lil Jon, and Akon.
    If all of this was not enough, 2011 has also seen Chuckie join the BBC Radio 1 team to present his ‘In New DJs We Trust’ show. Aired every month, Chuckie gets to spins to a huge world-wide audience and show off his undoubted talent behind the decks which has also seen him receive the coveted TMF “Best Dance DJ” award where he beat off competition from the likes of Dutch heavyweights Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren. As his stock continues to rise and rise, it seems the era of Chuckie domination is only just beginning!!

    OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY | Having risen to fame with chart successes...

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Flux Pavilion
    Tuesday March 13, 2012 11:55pm - 12:45am @ La Zona Rosa (612 W 4th St)

    It's hard sometimes to grasp how quickly Josh Steele – Flux Pavilion – has risen to the position he's now in. Only three years ago, in the autumn of 2008, he heard dubstep played for the very first time at a freshers' party (Caspa and Rusko's legendary 'Fabric 37' album, to be precise), and was blown away by it. Just a couple of days later, he had the first fruits of his attempt to do something in that style, and after just a couple of emails to dance music journalists and postings on message boards, he realised he was on to something. The buzz around his clever, attention-grabbing but witty sound built instantly, and before he knew it he was beset by reports of his tunes causing mayhem wherever they were played.

    It's hard sometimes to grasp how quickly Josh Steele – Flux...

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Doctor P


The Warner Sound


    Wednesday March 14, 2012 8:20pm - 8:45pm @ La Zona Rosa (612 W 4th St)
    L.P. is an incredible artist and songwriter from New York City now living in L.A. Recently signed to Warner Brother Records, she has created a strong buzz in the LA music scene playing sold-out residencies at the Soho House and Sayers Club. With a unique and powerful voice, she has been described as a mix of Jeff Buckley, Florence and the Machine and Janis Joplin, yet has a style and sound all her own. She is currently in the studio crafting her new album with a host of producers including Isa Summers (Florence and the Machine) and PJ Bianco (Cee-Lo) among others. In today’s crowded musical landscape, LP stands out as a real artist with meaningful music. She can only truly be described through the sound of her music.

    L.P. is an incredible artist and songwriter from New York City...

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Ed Sheeran








The Warner Sound




Snow Tha Product

















Iron Solomon


Bad Rabbits
    Friday March 16, 2012 9:40pm - 9:55pm @ La Zona Rosa (612 W 4th St)

    Bad Rabbits are the American Dream. The collective first generation sons of Indian, Argentinean, Ghanaian and Israeli lineage with a single son of liberty are your tired, hungry and poor invading this nation with a unique hybrid sound that has garnered attention from hip hop heads, hipsters and hardcore loyalists alike. Fuck immigration reform – if the pitiful pilgrims running this country had any taste in music at all, Bad Rabbits would be the gang breaking down borders and barriers from coast to coast and album to album.

    Bad Rabbits are the American Dream. The collective first generation...

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Statik Selektah


Smif N Wessun





Pharoahe Monch



DJ Official
    Saturday March 17, 2012 9:00pm - 9:15pm @ La Zona Rosa (612 W 4th St)
    Behind every successful rapper is a humble DJ. “The DJ is not meant to be in the forefront. You have to be cool with playing your role and laying the foundation for the artist to do what he has to do.” That’s how DJ Official views the profession that has taken him beyond the streets of New York to different cities all over the world.

    Nelson Chu, known as DJ Official, was born in the Bronx, and raised in Brooklyn and Long Island. While his mother is Puerto Rican and his stepfather is Chinese and Puerto Rican, Official grew up in a predominately African American neighborhood and went to a school with the same demographics. As a result, he was introduced to Hip-Hop at a young age, despite his parents’ unfamiliarity with rap and the culture. Official recalls that it wasn’t easy being a Hip-Hop fan: “Being a minority within the school I went to was hard, at first, because you didn’t see many Puerto Ricans or Caucasians in Hip-Hop at that time. But I loved Hip-Hop and fought to make myself a part of it growing up.”

    By the time Official entered junior high school, Hip-Hop had impacted him so greatly that he even started a rap group with a friend. He had also taken an interest in deejaying and began developing his skills by practicing on his stepfather’s old turntable whenever he could. “I wasn’t that good at first, but I was determined to learn and get better,” he admits. His amateur status was upgraded after high school when he met and befriended Cipha Sounds, who he credits with teaching him what it means to be a “real producer and DJ.” Official quickly left behind his emceeing ambitions and embraced deejaying as he began to learn from DJ Riz and Funkmaster Flex. “That’s when I knew I wanted to do this for a living rather than just a hobby. Really, I knew much sooner but it wasn’t till I got my foot in the door that I realized I could live off this.”

    However, Official’s perspective on life was shaken up, in 1996, when he found himself incarcerated. While in high school, he and his friend were rapping and getting in trouble--living a life of mayhem. On visits to his friend’s house, his mom would talk to them about Jesus, and although Official was reluctant to listen, he would soon be forced to. “After being arrested, I remember sitting in a jail cell thinking about my life and where I went wrong. I remember, as I was there lying on a cot, the discussions with Mike’s mom came into my mind.” He immediately got on his knees and surrendered to Christ.

    Official later realized he could combine his love for producing and deejaying with his love for Jesus, so he began working with different Christian Hip-Hop artists. Today, that combination has allowed him to reach hundreds of thousands with the Gospel and encourage believers in their faith.

    He has been nominated for a Grammy and a Dove, along with being featured in Vibe Magazine and The Source, not to mention having produced over 160 tracks. “I always had dreams of doing music full-time; as a DJ for Christian artists, not only can I do it full time, but it also has a purpose behind it.”

    In 2009, Official produced his first full album—Entermission. The album blended a diverse assortment of songs and artists aimed at encouraging believers to get excited about being missional in there own state or abroad. He currently tours with Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, and Sho Baraka all around the world, but calls Philadelphia home. He attends Epiphany Fellowship with his wife and two kids and enjoys being able to spend time with his family. Through his craft, Official hopes to communicate that if the Lord has given you a gift, make sure you own it and give it your all.

    Behind every successful rapper is a humble DJ. “The DJ is not...

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    Saturday March 17, 2012 9:15pm - 9:35pm @ La Zona Rosa (612 W 4th St)

    At the corner of street life and honest living stands Thi’sl: an ex-hustler turned urban missionary. A look into his past reveals the authenticity of his gritty, in your face lyrics and God’s grace, which spared his life and gave him a clean slate to begin anew.
    Travis “Thi’sl” Tyler was born in Greenwood, MS but moved to one of the worst neighborhoods in America at the age of 2. Living on the Westside of St. Louis, without a father present, his grandmother stepped in to help raise Thi’sl and his brother, while his mom constantly worked. Disaster soon followed—Thi’sl was expelled from all St. Louis public schools at 13 years old for having a weapon, his mom and other relatives got hooked on drugs and he found himself struggling just to survive. “I was a monster. I did whatever I had to do to survive,” he recalls. By the age of 18, narcotics began to consume every aspect of his existence. With his life spinning out of control, pains and hurts being drowned in a variety of drugs and an identity grounded in the streets, Thi’sl was headed for destruction.
    But then came his awakening—through the murder of one of his cousins. “It rocked my life and it made me look to God for answers,” he remembers. Thi’sl began attending church and reading the Bible, and his conscience was awakened to his sin. He knew he had to leave the street life behind him. He even had to part ways with a childhood passion—rapping. While Thi’sl had relocated and experimented with different drugs quite frequently as a youth, rap had remained constant since the age of 11 as a means to vent his pain and struggles and extol the things he valued in life. In light of his awakening, Thi’sl now hated what he promoted in his music, so he walked away from the game and didn’t plan on coming out of retirement. Of course, God had other plans.
    After a year and a half of studying Scripture and serving in his church, Thi’sl had a burning desire to reach his generation and culture. He prayed for direction, and God impressed upon his heart to return to rap. Initially, he tried to mimic the heavily theological raps he had been exposed to, until finding his own lane. He eventually started an independent label and released his national debut album, Chronicles of an X-Hustler, which debuted at No. 4 on the iTunes Hip Hop chart. Chronicles is a self-described “audio biographical” look into Thi’sl’s life as he addresses real life situations through a biblical lens and provides practical/biblical solutions to everyday situations. That’s his mantra—let his biblical knowledge meet real people in their current realities. Having been featured on several albums since his national debut including features with Lecrae’s Rehab: The Overdose and Flame’s Captured, Thi’sl recently released his sophomore album Beautiful Monster. Driven by his mom’s words, “While people are sleeping, I’m working,” Thi’sl is dedicated to making the most of his platform and changing the world.
    He currently resides in St. Louis, MO with his wife and children and is a lead teacher at New Direction Christian Church. Ultimately, Thi’sl stands as a voice crying out to people across the globe no matter what background telling them, “There is hope in Jesus. No matter how messed up you are, where you are, or how many people have told you that you will fail. There is hope! I found that hope in Jesus.”

    At the corner of street life and honest living stands Thi'sl...

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High Society Collective


Andy Mineo
    Saturday March 17, 2012 10:05pm - 10:25pm @ La Zona Rosa (612 W 4th St)

    At just 17, Andy Mineo was living a dream; he had money, local fame and the respect of his peers. But while attending college in NYC, he finally faced the music—neither was the key to life.
    Andy, formerly known as "C-Lite," grew up in a single parent home in Syracuse, New York. Without any positive male figures around, at a young age, he struggled with profanity, submission to authority and physical aggression. With his conduct becoming uncontrollable, Andy was removed from the public school system and placed in behavioral modification centers. But change was on the horizon.
    The summer before entering the 8th grade, Andy attended a Christian camp where his sister served as a counselor. While there, he heard the gospel preached clearly, cried out in desperation for Jesus to forgive him and experienced “some pretty unforgettable prayer sessions that really rocked [him].” Andy came home with a love in his heart for people that he once hated, and knew he was changed. But, he also came back to no home church, no community, no bible study and no mentors. So, as he rode his spiritual high into the ground and neglected to fan the flame that had begun, his relationship with God was compromised. His heart wasn’t set on pursuing Christ; instead, music and status had become his focus.
    While in middle school, he began recording in his mom’s house and was buying new pieces of equipment with birthday money. Eventually, he started selling studio time out of his closet; before long, he was a sophomore in high school running a lucrative business out of his mother’s basement recording and producing hundreds of artists in Upstate New York. He had also started a rap group with a few friends that led to a deal with Syracuse University's Marshall Street Records, which gave them the opportunity to open up for the major acts that performed at SU. As a solo MC, Andy became well known in the underground freestyle rap scene for winning battle competitions during high school and his freshman year in college. Adding to his resume, he also excelled in athletics—thriving in football, basketball and lacrosse throughout high school.
    Unfortunately, all of the success and recognition only led him away from God and towards greater sin. Headed for the big lights of New York City to attend college, stardom and rebellion seemed inevitable. But while taking a piano class his freshman year, Andy met Alex Medina (producer of “Background,” “The invasion (Hero)” and many other Reach tracks) who invited him to check out T.R.U.C.E. (an urban ministry that focused on evangelism via performing arts). He soon got connected with others, was discipled and the Lord began to deal with him more deeply concerning sin patterns in his life. After hearing Da Truth's “Price Tag” song, he vowed to shut down his recording studio and never use his gifts to help record music that did not honor God. He lost all his business and income, but he found his new identity in Christ.
    Armed with a new purpose, Andy spent several months traveling with T.R.U.C.E. and sharing the Gospel in some of the most poverty-stricken and drug-infested neighborhoods in the U.S. He went on to release Sin is Wack Vol. 1, which caught the attention of Lecrae and many others. To his credit, he has since been featured on Rehab, Flame’s Captured, Tedashii’s Blacklight, Ambassador’s Stop the Funeral and many other notable projects. While his introduction to a larger audience came through his vocals on Lecrae’s “Background,” and he continues to pen melodic choruses, rapping remains his passion and focus for future projects.
    Entering a new season in his life, Andy decided to drop his stage name, C-Lite, in favor of his birth name; it symbolizes his aim to live out everything off stage that he pours out through his art on stage. He recently graduated from City College of New York and currently serves on the board as a leader of a new church plant in Washington Heights. He is also leading weekly small groups and men’s groups at his apartment, traveling on the weekends to minister and working on his highly anticipated debut album. Once divided in his ambitions, Andy has resolved to love the Lord with all his heart, soul, strength and mind—no compromise.


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Trip Lee
    Saturday March 17, 2012 10:25pm - 10:45pm @ La Zona Rosa (612 W 4th St)
    William Lee Barefield III, better known as Trip Lee, was born and raised in Dallas, TX. As a young boy, Trip Lee had dreams of being a professional athlete or famous rapper, and he began to hone his lyrical skills at the age of 12. “I rapped about random stuff…how hot I was, how many girls I could pull,” Trip says. But upon giving his life to Christ, at age 14, his focus changed from fortune, fame, and women to serving and ministering the Gospel.
    Trip slowly recognized that all of his life should be centered around Christ. “One day, I just decided, I’m only doing Christian hip hop. Rappers like Ambassador and Da Truth helped provide a model for how I would begin to do that,” he says. He also had an immense desire to learn and teach the Word of God, so he became a leader in his youth group and preached his first sermon at age 17.
    In 2004, Trip met Lecrae at a concert; months later, after talking and building with each other, Lecrae began to disciple him. While still in high school, Trip was given the opportunity to pen a few devotionals for the Reach Records website that dealt with theological matters and showcased his spiritual maturity.
    Trip signed with Reach Records, and his debut album, “If They Only Knew,” hit stores nationwide a few days after his high school graduation. His first full-length album introduced hip-hop fans to his distinct southern sound, unique delivery and gospel-saturated lyrics. That same year, Trip was also featured on the Dove Award-nominated, timeless classic “Jesus Muzik” with label mate Lecrae.
    His sophomore album, “20/20,” was released in 2008 and garnered much success, breaking into the Billboard Top 200 and reaching #11 on the Billboard Christian albums chart and #4 on the Gospel chart. Back with his third studio album, “Between Two Worlds,” Trip offers a collection of reflections on life in a fallen world. True to form, his hope is that his reflections not only resonate with listeners, but also point to Jesus as the Hero.
    Since his first album release, Trip has traveled the world doing concerts for thousands of listeners, and his last three summers have been spent on tours (national and international) with his Reach label mates. His Christ-centered hip-hop message has also built a platform for him among churches and other Christian organizations, which has led to numerous opportunities to preach and teach at conferences and other events.
    Trip now resides in Philadelphia, PA with his wife and is pursuing a degree in Biblical Studies at Philadelphia Biblical University. He is the leader of the small groups ministry at Epiphany Fellowship, where he also preaches and teaches when called upon. Trip’s unending desire is to proclaim the grace and beauty of Jesus Christ to anyone that will listen; ultimately, he hopes this journey will someday lead to pastoring a church.

    William Lee Barefield III, better known as Trip Lee, was born...

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    Saturday March 17, 2012 10:45pm - 11:30pm @ La Zona Rosa (612 W 4th St)

    An unlikely story stands behind the man known to many as ‘Lecrae’. From the south side of Houston, to a leader in the movement of urban reform, a rocky road provides a window into the grace he experienced through out his life--with every situation molding him into the artist and leader that he is today.
    Born and raised by his mother, in a poor community, Lecrae Moore moved around a lot, giving him the versatile background and cultural awareness he carries with him. San Diego, Denver, and Dallas have once been home to him and the street life he idolized and pursued. Along the way, like many in the inner city, he took to rapping as a way of communicating his thoughts. It wasn’t until after high school that his hobby became a passion, and Jesus Christ redeemed his Hip-Hop background.
    At 19-years-old, at the encouragement of a Christian leader, he had attended a conference and heard James White delivering the message. In that moment, sitting in a chair, his world was flipped upside down as the Holy Spirit convicted him of his sin and need for a Savior. Almost instantly, his renewed heart spilled over as he printed his testimony and passed it out across the University of North Texas campus. The next five years included many struggles and victories before he teamed up to found Reach Records, releasing his first album at the age of 25.
    Calling Dallas home, Lecrae had remained content using his gifts of speaking and rapping while volunteering at a juvenile detention center, but the Lord had different plans, and he soon began working on his debut album. Pouring out a genuine discussion of life issues and passionate, unashamed pursuit of Jesus Christ, Lecrae released Real Talk. Listeners responded by quickly noting him as an emcee that meets people where they are by delivering transparent, relatable, and impactful messages.
    As Lecrae continued to make his mark in the music industry, he realized the stage wasn’t enough. He wanted to see a deeper impact in urban culture. There needed to be a culturally relevant and biblically solid resource center to help train the next generation, so he co-founded ReachLife Ministries in 2005. The non-profit organization exists to partner with other organizations in equipping local leaders with culturally relevant tools and media projects designed to strengthen communities with the word of God. ReachLife is another vital piece in the larger vision of seeing a reformation in urban culture.
    Since then, Lecrae has released the groundbreaking album After the Music Stops and the first Christian Rap album to ever sit in the No. 1 position on Billboard’s Top Gospel Charts--Rebel. Led by the classic single‚ “Jesus Musik,” After the Music Stops slowly spread to the mainstream market with other hits such as “Praying For You” and “Send Me.” Aimed at building an audience of disciples, the album sat on Soundscan’s Christian Hip Hop/R&B chart for two years after releasing in 2006. While Rebel, released in 2008, also garnered much success--claiming the No. 3 position on the iTunes Rap chart.
    A graduate of University of North Texas, Lecrae now resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife and 2 children. He and his wife are small group leaders at Blueprint Church, and his passion for impacting urban culture persists. With three successful albums to his name, touring worldwide along with the 116 Clique, and inspiring a generation of young believers across the globe, Lecrae is humbled by his position in leading others towards Christ. His hope is that Reach’s impact will spread far beyond simply the music and into the lives of individuals across the world, ultimately exalting Jesus Christ.

    One would be hard-pressed to find another independent rapper...

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    Saturday March 17, 2012 11:45pm - 12:05am @ La Zona Rosa (612 W 4th St)
    It’s not a stretch to say the winding road that began in St. Petersburg, FL led Kevin “KB” Burgess straight to God.
    Raised middle class, divorce left KB and his mother in a poor economic situation, “I went from the suburbs to the hood in one day,” he recalls. Having been raised in Southern Illinois on a military base, drug dealers and criminals were a stark contrast to the safe haven he had become accustomed to. Fear of death and the unknown gripped his teenage years, leading him to depression and thoughts of suicide. On the other hand, KB also excelled in high school and was offered the opportunity to be a part of a program where juniors could become full-time college students. After foregoing varsity basketball to join the program, KB soon realized that solely excelling in school wouldn’t bring fulfillment. “I was losing the will to live; life was becoming meaningless, and I was becoming progressively more empty,” and his declining academic performance reflected this attitude. But that would soon change. While in school, a classmate introduced him to Christian rap, and although he already self-identified as a believer, after listening to a song on which an artist delivered the Gospel, KB wholeheartedly trusted and believed in Jesus. In his regeneration, the Gospel exposed the underlying issue of fear and uncertainty that plagued him as a teenager. Emptiness, depression, and meaninglessness were now being exchanged for grace, rest and forgiveness.
    After trusting in Christ, KB was motivated and willing to honor God in all his ways. He took more pride in school, his grades began to reflect his intelligence, and he began pursuing the American Dream. He had retained the plans developed by his guidance counselors and ambitions for success, but suddenly, through scripture and prayer, the Lord implored him to abandon all his plans and go to Bible college, from which he successfully graduated. After abandoning "the dream," he found himself in fellowship with a bunch of brothers who happened to be Christian rappers, which naturally spawned a personal interest in the genre. But it wasn't until after performing and winning a “Battle of the Bands” competition that he recognized the call on his life to use rap as ministry.
    KB and his friends formed HGA (His Glory Alone) and developed a following, which eventually included Lecrae, Ben Washer and DJ Offcial, who actually featured him on Entermission. Lecrae invited him along for the “Acquire the Fire” tour and, after months of building with him, KB was asked to join the Reach Records team. As a member of the Reach roster, KB is amazed by the providence of God, which brought him to Reach Records. “I liken my experience to Abraham, who was lead to an unknown land. My land is Reach Records--where I plan to serve for the next several years,” says KB.
    Currently residing in Tampa, KB is enjoying life with his new wife and is a member of Living Faith Church. Through his music, he hopes to communicate that God is the absolute canon of all things good, true and beautiful. “I want people to realize God and His centrality. It is not us putting Him at the center, He is already there. We must put ourselves onto that reality.”

    It’s not a stretch to say the winding road that began in St...

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    Sunday March 18, 2012 12:40am - 1:00am @ La Zona Rosa (612 W 4th St)
    An alias representative of the greatest book in all of literature, coincidentally homonymous with rapid-fire weaponry, carries lofty expectations and growing anticipation. Yet, this Midwest-born rapper’s aim is not to leave people in awe of his knowledge and delivery but to give the words of eternal life—66 books, 2 clips and 1 Canon.
    Aaron “Canon” McCain was born in Chicago, Illinois, in a lower middle class area, but violence and crime would soon force his parents to journey throughout the state in hopes of finding a safe environment for him and his two older siblings. And while Canon’s parents were married and present in his life, his dad worked at night and rested during the day; so his mom took on a more influential role. As an employee at Moody Bible Institute, she would try to teach her kids about God and made sure the family went to church. But for Canon, church wasn’t a place where he heard solid, biblical doctrine; it was more of a family affair. His grandfather was the pastor, dad played the piano, mom sang and everyone else was expected to attend but usually had ulterior motives. Yet, those religious surroundings may have kept him from turning to a life of crime like those in his neighborhood—being shot at over a bike when he was just a kid could have been a catalyst for violence because it did scare him enough to make him carry a weapon, but anything more than a cap gun was off limits. Nevertheless, Canon’s penchant for mischief did turn him into a modern-day, urban Dennis the Menace. At the tender age of seven, while living in Maywood, he joined a clique of youngsters who threw mud pies at houses and played pranks at school. But as kids mature, their propensity for troublemaking often leads to more dangerous territory. In high school, his friends joined gangs, and although he didn’t, he wasn’t just playing pranks anymore. Canon became rebellious against authority, skipped school and got involved in violent activity.
    Despite his disregard for life, he still couldn’t shake the reality that struck him at the age of 13. His mom had taken him to a Christian summer camp the previous year where he was recognized for his model behavior, but he came back home and his misconduct resumed. One day, while riding in the car with his relatives, they struck a tree and the car was totaled. Canon emerged from the wreck only to realize there was a propane tank behind the tree that could’ve exploded and led to tragedy. That moment, he knew God was saying, “I could take your life now…you didn’t go to camp for nothing!” So in between misbehaving in school and around the neighborhood, Canon grew more curious about God and wanted to try rapping about things he was learning at his church. He had also begun making his own beats and rapping with his friends, but there was no place for rap at his grandfather’s traditional church. Hoping to finally grab the mic and rock the stage, Canon started attending a Hip Hop church called The House. However, the lead pastor was more concerned about his relationship with God rather than his ability to rap about him. Pastor Phil and several other brothers at the church began pouring into Canon and as a result, he gradually came to know the Lord. Within a year, he had left behind his childish ways, was performing at The House and had an ever-growing desire to know more about the Lord.
    After high school, he left Illinois and came to Memphis to attend Bible College. He had also met Lecrae when he visited The House, so when he came to the South, Canon linked up with him, Pro, Chad Jones and others in Tennessee. He eventually had to leave school for financial reasons, but the knowledge and wisdom he was gaining from being in community with older brothers allowed him to grow beyond that of his formal education. And although he was now surrounded by budding rappers, his focus was on maturing in the faith; but they soon encouraged him to take all he was learning and share it through music. Canon took their advice and in 2009 dropped The Great Investment mixtape, which hit the Internet a year later to favorable reviews and caught the attention of listeners around the world. He has since been featured on Lecrae’s Rehab: The Overdose and several Reflection Music projects, as well as currently serving as hype man for Lecrae as he tours the country.
    Canon recently joined Reflection Music Group and now lives in Atlanta where he is preparing a full-length free album to be released this year. His desire is to contribute truth to culture while being true to who he is as an artist and a young person that is also influenced by culture. Canon wants his music and his life to inspire others to repent and trust in Christ, but also encourage believers to “be you in light of a biblical worldview.”

    An alias representative of the greatest book in all of literature...

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