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Fresh-Fest (KOOP 91.7fm)
    Sunday March 11, 2012 12:00pm - 9:00pm @ Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E 38 St)

    The Fresh From the Underground collective (KOOP 91.7fm)) is hosting a showcase at Cherrywood on Sunday, March 11, 2012. 

    The showcase starts at 1 PM and runs until 10 PM and will reflect FFtU's interest in local and national underground music. The total sensory experience will include DJs, video artists, and bands. And it's FREE! Here's a partial listing, with a schedule to follow. 

    //Performance Artists//
    OVEREVO - 2:45

    Jack Topht - 3:00 - One Man Rap-a-tack (Buffalo NY)
    Barbara Andrea Arriaga - 3:30 Solo Cellist 
    Messy Sparkles - 4:00 - Electronic Fun Time 
    Attic Ted - 4:30 - Masked Mayhem from San Marcos
    Dr. Bleep - 5:00 - Electronic bleeps and squeaks from the Bleep Labs
    Night Viking - 6:00 - Improve Art Rock Legends
    Smokey Emery - 6:30 - Tape Loop Drone
    Roo - 7:00 - Super Stripped Down Rock
    Silent Land Time Machine - 7:30 - Sound Scapes
    Ichi Ni San Shi - 8:00 - Just plain good rock band
    How I quit Crack - 8:30 - Black Light Torch Singer
    Porno Helmut - 9:30- Audio Visual Lobotomy (Dallas)

    //Video Artists// After Dark
    Otis Ike
    Normal Dubb

    <<don't recognize any of these artists? then this is even more for you! immerse yourself in underground music. and good times duh>>


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East End Audio Arts Showcase


Psychedelic Neofolk Show


Ha ha! Loud loud! Music + Stand Up Comedy
    Wednesday March 14, 2012 3:00pm - 8:00pm @ Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E 38 St)

    Start with some comedians, add a band, then more comedians, and top it off with another band and what do you get? An entertainment sandwich for your ears. How much does something like this cost? $10, $20, $50???? How about if you act now you get it for FREE! Also if you act later and just show up, its also free. So uh...good deal either way. 

    Get away from the crowds, watch a great show, and enjoy the excellent food and drink selection at Cherrywood Coffee Shop. The show starts at 3pm and ends at 8pm. Be there!

    Here's the current lineup:

    3:30pm - Chris Trew, Cyrus Cooper, Drew Platt, and Dane Facheaux 
    4:45pm - Guns of Navarone
    5:45pm - Robert Gagnon and Kath Barbadoro
    6:15pm - Michael Priest, Katie Sicking, Zach Hanes, and Ryan Cownie
    7:15pm - Gentlemen Rogues

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South Pi Southwest
    Wednesday March 14, 2012 7:00pm - 11:30pm @ Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E 38 St)

    Yep. SXSW. Outside at Cherrywood under the stars. A three-band lineup in celebration of Pi and all that is good in the world. 

    7:30pm. The John Leon Shapeshifter Alliance. "Crazed and cinematic instrumental music from Austin's premiere psychedelic film music band."

    8:30pm. Stone Wheels. "Austin's newest and greatest psychedelic cosmic country band led by veteran traveler and philosopher Andrew Gerfers."

    9:30pm. The debut of Show-Fur. "An experimental music collaboration between two legendary limo drivers. Andrew Gerfers and John Leon unleash their inner travel and destination agendas in a flurry of dreamlike brilliance riding the thin veil between ecstasy and horrific pain." 

    And the best part? All of this is not only FREE, but also far enough away from the craziness of downtown that you can actually find a parking place without having to worry about accidentally running over drunk hipsters in town from Williamsburg or Sacramento. 

    Lastly, this night will be one of your final chances to say goodbye to John Leon before he moves away from Austin forever. So come on out and get while the getting is good.

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Freaks and Geeks Party
    Thursday March 15, 2012 2:00pm - 7:00pm @ Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E 38 St)

    Well here we have the Thursday line up. 

    Thanks to Barry (Racketeering Robot) and Chris Douthitt (All around awesome dude) for helping me put this show together: 

    Inside Stage: 
    3pm Clint Niosi
    4pm The Lonely Wild
    5pm Christopher Douthitt and Cass Roberts
    6pm Anam Mila
    7pm Judson McKinney
    8pm Seasons
    9pm Flamingosis+BeRod
    9:40pm DWHB
    10:20pm Damp Heat
    11:00pm Doug Funnie

    Outside Stage: 
    2pm Lily and the Tigers
    3pm Jack Tropht
    4pm Bumping Uglies
    5pm The Depaysment (Japan)
    6pm Black Jeans
    7pm Mumfords
    8pm Mammox 
    9pm y/y 
    10pm Shalom Salon
    11pm Whqles

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Girls Rock Austin


Teen Rock Brunch


B A A P S: Brooklyn, Atlanta, Austin, Portland Showcase
    Saturday March 17, 2012 3:00pm - 11:30pm @ Cherrywood Coffeehouse (1400 E 38 St)

    The universe shrinks when 4 cities collide in one space with respective local bands alternating on an outdoor and indoor stages on this Saturday official unofficial SXSW jam at http://www.cherrywoodcoffeehouse.com/ 

    the crawl in from the four corners of the USA::

    3pm Yr Mom and Her Friends (Austin)
    4pm Dog Bite (Atlanta)
    5pm Gun Party (Atlanta)
    6pm Felicia Douglass (Brooklyn) 
    7pm Miracles of Modern Science (Brooklyn)
    8pm Kaia Wilson (Portland)
    9pm Oh Look Out (Austin)
    10pm Shark Party (Austin)
    11pm Wave hands like clouds (Austin) 

    3:30pm This Frontier Needs Heroes (Brooklyn) 
    4:30pm Moodrings (Atlanta)
    5:30pm Red Sea (Atlanta) 
    6:30pm Wishes & Thieves (Brooklyn) 
    7:30pm Back Pockets (Atlanta)
    8:30pm Backwords (Brooklyn)
    9:30pm Petoskey (Portland)
    10:30pm Aan (Portland)

    Brought to you by sporkbooking, backwoods and tight bros. 

    Tight Bros will be testing a video stream live to the internet so if you can't make it. Tune in on the web.


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