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The Good Capitalist Lounge (#SocEnt)
    Sunday March 11, 2012 9:00am - 5:00pm @ St David's Historic Sanctuary (301 E 8th St Austin, TX 78701)

    Can capitalism really be used as a force for positive social change in the world? We think so!

     It's time we reclaim this concept from all the negative, oppressive and corrupt actions that have tarnished the reputation of a powerful economic tool!  Come meet the entrepreneurs who have proven that capitalism can be a tool to empower citizens and create sustainable and prosperous economies that work for both people and place.  

    We are thrilled to have you join us for the third annual Good Capitalist Party (GCP) in Austin, Texas! This year we are bigger and better than ever with more partners, more attendees, and more good capitalists.  What started as a party in 2010 has grown into a three-day lounge experience that connects thousands of Good Capitalists from around the globe. Join us at the Good Capitalist Party Lounge located at St. David's church (only TWO blocks from the convention center!).

    We have gathered some of the field’s leading organizations share the lessons and help spread the word that you can do well by doing good. You can have engaging conversations the seasoned pros of social enterprise as well as the up and comers.

    The GCP lounge will feature various interactive activities, classes, fireside conversations, demos, structured networking happy hours and a few other surprises.  Meet social entrepreneurs and like-minded leaders who made a positive impact in the community while making a profit. 

    GCP convenes Thought Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs, Slackvists, #SocEnt Tweeters, Social Investors & VCs, Artists, Design Thinkers, Techies, and Linchpins who want to do well while doing good.  So whether you need help to get your social venture launched or you would like to learn how to contribute your skills and experience to social enterprises, GCP is the place to be.

    Come catalyze positive impact at the Good Capitalist Party Lounge with the support of amazonian tea, fair trade, locally roasted gourmet coffee and food while connecting with others.  You don’t need a SXSW badge, this party is open to the public.


    Type Party, Unofficial
    Hashtag #SocEnt

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