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Play-N-Skillz (Host)
    Friday March 16, 2012 8:00pm - 8:30pm @ Malaia (300 E. 6th St.)

    Starting out as Dallas/Ft. Worth’s top DJs in the late 90’s, Play-N-Skillz have rocked crowds for over 2 decades in the nightlife industry. Playing cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Miami, Austin, Houston, and more, Play-N-Skillz have made a long lasting impression in the music world not to mention winning 2 Grammy Awards for the songs they have produced. The duo credit a large part of their producing abilities and understanding in what makes a “hit record” to their DJing and being able to not be one sided when it comes to a genre of music as they are able to play for any type of crowd as they have produced for all type of artists from the biggest hip hop artists in the world (LIL WAYNE, CHAMILLIONAIRE, BUN B, AND MORE) to International icons like (DAVID GUETTA, AKON, LUDACRIS, AND PITBULL). IN 2011 PLAY-N-SKILLZ TEAMED UP WITH DAVID GUETTA TO CO-WRITE HIS HIT SINGLE FEATURING NICKI MINAJ AND FLO RIDA TITLED “WHERE THEM GIRLS AT”. This single turned out to be one of the biggest songs of 2011 and influenced David Guetta’s Album “Nothing But The Beat to be nominated for a Grammy Award”.

    Starting out as Dallas/Ft. Worth’s top DJs in the late 90’s...

    Starting out as Dallas/Ft. Worth’s top DJs in the late 90’s...

    Type Band, Official
    Tags DJ
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19231

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