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Why Happiness Is the New Currency
    Moments of joy... moments of happiness... moments of gratitude. These are all moments that describe our lives. It is very easy to mistake these as only moments that happen in real life. One fundamental key part of how the web has evolved has involved emotion. Emotion has become more explicit in our actions online. Companies are faster becoming aware that, as obvious as it may seem, humans are at the receiving end of the UI and design theme that you have just created. We no longer simply engage in actions; we "like". We contribute content and are immediately validated through social interactions. What is obvious is that there's another person we're interacting with. What's even more obvious is what we're supposed to feel. In this digital era, there's a field of science that has been largely underutilized until now: affective science. In our work at Kiip, we have realized just how core the "happiness moment" is to our business model. Just how raw emotion can be directly tied to an achievement in a game - we have designed not only a UI but a "emotive" experience around harnessing the elements of the happiness that surrounds a simple interaction. Do you want to share? Do you want to gift? Do you want to save it? Is it fleeting? How can you control it? How do you have more of it later? In this session we'll hear, for the first time, from companies in the mobile and web space that have harnessed not only emotional power - but pressure - to drive their business models all using the currency of happiness. Not only have some of them accidentally created models that capture this emotion beautifully, but some of them have now learned how to sustain it. Happiness is the missing resource in your company. Learn how to capture it.

    CEO | Formspring | Ade Olonoh is the CEO and Founder of Formspring...

    CEO & Co-Founder | KIIP | Brian Wong is the co-founder and CEO...

    CEO/Co-Founder | Path

    Type Interactive, Panel
    Hashtag #sxsw #happy
    Theme Featured Sessions
    Level Intermediate
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_IAP100013

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