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Ian Moore and the Lossy Coils
    Tuesday March 13, 2012 10:00pm - 10:50pm @ Skinny's Ballroom (115 San Jacinto Blvd. Austin, TX 78701)

    Ian Moore is a singer/guitarist/songwriter who has released 10 full length records. He has opened for the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul Weller, and countless others. He has appeared in films such as Billy Bob Thorton's movie Slingblade, and crisscrossed the world many times in support of his releases. In the last years he has also moonlit as a sideman for artists as diverse Jason Mraz and Roky Erickson, while starting a company, Madrona music, that focuses on film scoring.
    Ian's music is rare in its scope and diversity, and he has reinvented himself with every release.
    Well known in his early years for his fiery, bluesy guitar playing, and soulful singing, he was anointed at a young age as an Austin legend
    His inquisitive and ambitious spirit has led him to greatly eclipse the songwriting and musical latitude of his early release.
    His latest release, El Sonido, Nuevo, finds him digging deeper into the realms of power pop/psych rock, while maintaining his core musical values. 'El Sonido' is a collaborative release, written with Matt Harris(Posies, Oranger) and the music reflects their collective musical visions. The current show is visceral, tight, laden with harmony and taut musical arrangement. Guitar is featured, but borrowing equally from the likes of Richard Thompson and Tom Verlaine, and the songs borrow but never steal. The music doesn't surf the wave of desperate modern trends, but swims freely beyond the waves, imbued with the music of deep record collections, but maintaining a musical vision of now

    Ian Moore is a singer/guitarist/songwriter who has released 10...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #IanMooreandtheLossyCoils
    Tags 21+, Rock
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS18208

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