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    Saturday March 17, 2012 10:00pm - 10:40pm @ Empire Automotive ( 604—606 E 7th St, Austin TX)

    PJ Geissinger aka Starkey is blessed with musical arrangement skills that would leave most composers green faced with envy. This combined with his high production ethic makes him a formidable force not only in the underground but also as a super producer of the future. Starkey is yet another example of what the streets of Philadelphia can create, his sound hits hard and is littered with bass and colourful audio frequencies. If you like grime, dubstep, hip hop and all things “street bass” then Starkey’s hard edged spaced out crunk is the sound for you.
    2008 saw Starkey selected for Mary Anne Hobb’s low end special “Generation Bass”. 2 years later in 2010 he was again selected by MAH for the “Building a beat” special where he crafted a track from scratch in the space of 2hrs live on air.
    Starkey is also co-owner of the Seclusiasis and Slit Jockey Record labels, releasing the freshest output from around the globe. This combined with his fortnightly radio show on Sub FM has positioned him as one of the tastemakers to emerge out of the bass heavy underground.
    Starkey’s 2nd full-length album for the seminal Planet Mu label was released in April of 2010. Entitled, Ear Drums and Black Holes, it garnered rave reviews with DJ Mag giving the album a 9/10 album of the month rating and suggesting it “could be dubstep’s ‘Sgt. Pepper and the Lonely Hearts Club Band’.” NME said it was “a hell of a lot of fun” and Brainer called it a “dazzling record”.
    The past year has seen Starkey releasing on Civil Music with the much lauded “Space Traitor Vols. 1 & 2”, as well as Ninja Tune with the genre-defying “Open the Pod Bay Doors” EP.

    PJ Geissinger aka Starkey is blessed with musical arrangement...

    Type Band, Official
    Tags 21+, Electronic
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19437

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