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    Saturday March 17, 2012 11:00pm - 11:40pm @ Copa (217 Congress Ave)

    From Adam Schragin, The Austin Chronicle:

    This Colombian band won't be easily mistaken for anyone else, even during a festival as complicated and colorful as South by Southwest. The ninepiece outfit utilizes costume and assorted visuals during performances and boasts a range of musical styles that incorporates everything from funk to polka and its hometown kapishka. Nine years active before releasing a debut, this is a band whose approach is if nothing else, part of a very grand design.

    BAMBARABANDA is a unique group, one that synthesizes an authentic...

    Type Band, Official
    Hashtag #sxsw #Bambarabanda
    Info Y
    Tags AustinChronicle, Latin Rock, Music
    Website http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/events/event_MS19848

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