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Yoni Bloch


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Yordan Stone

First things first

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You Can Be A Wesley

.Boston-based indie-pop lovers You Can Be A Wesley are pleased to announce their much-anticipated Nightosphere EP which will be available November 1, 2011. To celebrate the release, Cambridge, MA can catch You Can Be A Wesley on November 1 at Middle East Upstairs for the EP release party. You Can Be A Wesley is a group of Bostonians that join a long legacy of sonic-barrier-breaking musicians, from The Pixies to The Modern Lovers, and they’ve been making well-crafted, cheerful-yet-grungy pop songs since their days in a BU dorm room. They’ve since graduated to the “Wesley House,” which serves...

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You Can't Win, Charlie Brown

You Can't Win, Charlie Brown is a Portuguese band formed in early 2009 by Afonso Cabral, Salvador Meneses and Luís Costa, but quickly turned into a 4-piece with the addition of David Santos (a.k.a. Noiserv) to the band's lineup. They released their self-titled debut EP through Optimus Discos in February of 2010, which features 6 home recorded songs that combine a Portuguese sense of melancholy with the British/American musical aesthetic of such artists as Grizzly Bear, Bon Iver, Nick Drake or Sufjan Stevens. The EP received great reviews from the local press and web circuit and the next months... Read more

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You Say France & I Whistle

Biography You Say France & I Whistle was born out of the frustration of having played in too many "cool" pop bands without any love. In their cold Swedish environment, the band members wanted to share some colourfulness that could spread throughout people. But when every stage had a smoke machine it wasn't that easy to reach out. Though with a little bit of creative playfulness and a lot of hugs the band has since then succeeded to find a mixture of loving warmth and energetic frustration that seems to be able to reach out to almost anyone.
There new album will be released in January 2012 in Europe and in March 2012 in USA... Read more

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You're Welcome! Campaign

Rock your faces. Remix the races. You're Welcome.
Music, comedy, dialogue and dancing. 2:00-3:30 DIALOGUE AND MUSIC! Invincible, Negin Farsad, Tanene Allison, and Oliver Rajamani Join us for music, spoken word and discussion to explore how culture can spark a more welcoming America. 6:00-7:15 COMEDY! Negin Farsad, Lucas Molandes, Chris Cubas, and more Laugh with some of the funniest comedians in America and their hysterical take on the immigrant experience. 7:30-8:15 MUSIC! Sauti Sol Hear one of the hottest bands in Kenya blend it all together with their unique brand of Afro-Fusion. 8:15-10:30 RE-MIX AMERICA DANCE PARTY! DJ Martin Perna and Riders... Read more

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YoulMae Lee

Women in Wireless is a nonprofit organization that empowers and develops female leaders in mobile and digital media. We do this through inspirational panels and webinars, leadership development, mentoring and networking. We also support charities that are aligned with our mission.

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Young and in the Way

Formed in the early months of 2009 by four individuals in search of an opening to flee their discontent with the mundane routine of normal life and their past musical endeavors. Young and in the Way found that escape in the form of a small wooden shed on the outskirts of Charlotte, NC. It was here the band crafted their first release, a demo simply titled Newborn. The band played their first handful of live shows throughout the remaining months of 2009 nailing their debut EP into an out of print coffin. YAITW spent the Winter months of late 2009 and early 2010 recording a new album titled Amen... Read more

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Young Empires

Young Empires play Haute Rock/World Beat. Since their inception two years ago, this Toronto 3-piece have played over 100 shows around the world, supporting acts like Chromeo, Foster the People, Jamiroquai, and Bag Raiders. They've garnered international acclaim for fearlessly crossing genres while sticking to their pop-song roots. NME magazine describes Young Empires' sound as "...the mathmania of Battles, the gloss'n'grandeur of The Killers, and the calamitous quiver of Arcade Fire... Young Empires have consummately summated this generation's achievements in Rock". All of this has come without... Read more

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Young Magic


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Young Orchids

A gorgeous, messy cluster of melody and jangle, Young Orchids' songs are instantly accessible, yet somehow left-of-center. Drawing inspiration from the timeless sounds of early rock n' roll and doo-wop, combined with the expansiveness of shoegaze, and the rawness and swagger of early 70's protopunk, Young Orchids have created a unique flavor that transcends direct comparison. The band has earned its reputation as a ferociously energetic live act in their Atlanta hometown and neighboring cities, effortlessly weaving raucous, boisterous pop songs together with lush, haunting soundscapes. Young Orchids... Read more

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Young Scolla

"I'm demanding the best, and I overachieve, so if I fall I will land on success." -- Young Scolla The popular activity of labeling an artist and throwing his style into a singular genre need not be done when talking about Young Scolla. It's simply a waste of time. For the young man that is the product of two Cameroonian parents, born in Memphis, and unabashedly raised and molded in Detroit, his entire life revolves around thinking outside the box and doing what others thought couldn't be achieved. Citing influences from the music world (J. Dilla, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Tupac, and Nas), literature... Read more

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Young Statues

In the winter of 2010, a spontaneous trip to Athens, GA became the birth of New Jersey/Philadelphia indie-rock outfit Young Statues. The record first began to take shape at Chase Park Transduction Studios, where a series of songs were recorded between friends, songs that were initially never intended to be released. Intrigued by the results of these sessions, songwriter and vocalist Carmen Cirignano decided to continue working on them with longtime producer and engineer Steve Poponi at the Gradwell House in Haddon Heights, NJ. It was here, with the help of bassist Tom Ryan and drummer Daniel Bogan... Read more

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Youngblood Hawke

Inspired by the Herman Wouk novel of the same name, Youngblood Hawke was born out of late night creative musings between longtime friends Sam Martin and Simon Katz. Exhausted by two years of touring with their former band and the general turbulence that comes with music industry success, Martin and Katz looked for a more simple creative outlet where they could write and share music with friends and family without commercial pressures. Katz's longtime friend Tasso Smith moved to Los Angeles from Texas to join the band when he heard the first demos, and Alice Katz, who was a key part of the original... Read more

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avatar for Youngna Park

Youngna Park

Girl Walk // All Day
Youngna Park is a Brooklyn-based photographer, producer and content strategist. She direct, style and execute photo and video shoots, produce and design events, manage a wide range of print and digital projects and strategize and design content strategies for businesses both on and offline. She is currently the Managing Producer of the feature-length dance music video: Girl Walk // All Day, where she oversees the communications, outreach and digital strategy for the film. She is also a Content Strategist at the interactive agency, HUGE Inc.

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Youth Lagoon

Trevor Powers, whose stage name is Youth Lagoon, began writing his debut albumThe Year of Hibernation in 2010. Based around the idea of psychological dysphoria, Powers tried to document the trailsof his mind through songs of minimalism and hypnotic ambiance. Powers later described his writing process as "my mind communicating with me, not the other way around...it can take me to scary places but I've realized those bizarre thoughts I have don't define me." After signing with Mississippi-based label Fat Possum Records in 2011, he toued much of the following year before going back into solitude to... Read more

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Bryce Case, Jr. (b. August 23, 1982), otherwise known as YTCracker (pronounced "whitey cracker"), is a former cracker most known for defacing the webpages of several federal and municipal government websites in the United States, as well as several in private industry at the age of 17. Case later became known for his work as a Nerdcore hip hop artist. His famous ACTN (action) diet consists of Adderall, Caffeine, Tetrahydrocannabinol, and Nicotine - this diet is widely used the world over by many scientists of science.

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Yukon Blonde

Yukon Blonde are road warriors. The young band spent the last year and a half raking in tour milage throughout cities in North America and Europe. Highlights of the journey include over 30 nearly sold out shows with Good Old War in and appearances at SXSW, Milwaukee Summerfest and CMJ’s Music Marathon amongst others. With 60+ North American tour dates slotted to round out the year, the Kelowna BC quartet are following up their Polaris and WCMC award nominated debut LP with the fall release of their Fire//Water EP via Nevado Records (Bahamas, Library Voices).

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A native of Reims, France, electro-popsmith Pierre Alexandre Busson of Yuksek studied piano at the Conservatoire Of Music for ten years before dropping his studies to do music professionally. Well-established, he hit the world scene an acclaimed producer and a proven musician with his first album and famous track like "extraball" and "Tonite". Now he's back with his second LP "Living on the edge of Time", more pop but but always inspired

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Yung Blue

Under Construction. JUST MESSAGE ME.

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Yung Nation

Rebellion. The one word that can completely define the culture and young hip-hop duo known as Yung Nation. The two 21 year olds hail (B. Reed & Fooly Faime) hail from Dallas, Texas and lead a massive, funky young cut. Their rapping format is unorthodox, their voices loud and obnoxious, and their beats are undeniably banging & catchy. All of these things make for a perfect formula for a new era of swag rap that they deem 'nation'.

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Yung Quis


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Yuppie Pricks

From Wikipedia The Yuppie Pricks are a five-piece punk rock band from Austin, Texas. They "deal in reverse psychology punk by ironically celebrating the materialist excesses of the upwardly mobile in songs like 'Greed Is Good', 'Fraternity Days', and 'Fuck You, I’m Rich', which are tinged with old school UK punk, Black Flag and Dead Kennedys touches." [1]
Alternately described as "raucous, straight-ahead punk" [2] and "American Psycho hardcore with a wicked sense of humor" [3] the Yuppie Pricks are frequently lauded for their live performances, where they've been known to "wear John McEnroe... Read more

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Yurij Bryndzia

a little bit of all you got can never let you down

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Yurij Bryndzia

a little bit of all you got can never let you down

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Yves Peters

The FontFeed
A little over six years ago graphic designer Yves Peters started reviewing type in his Bald Condensed column on Typographer.org. In August 2008 he put his graphic design career on the back burner, freeing him to concentrate on his writing and related activities in the digital type business. Yves currently edits The FontFeed, a daily dispatch of recommended fonts, typography techniques, and inspirational examples of digital type at work in the real world; and Unzipped, his blog on the FontShop BeNeLux home page. Yves also is an accomplished drummer with British/American/Belgian pop/rock bands Troubleman and... Read more

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avatar for Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye

Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye

PhD Candidate
MIT Media Lab
Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye is a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab engineering stochastic tools to harness the power of rich behavioral datasets, such as human movement data and communication patterns in networks. Before coming to MIT, he was a researcher at the Santa Fe Institute where he used cell phone data to model the dynamics of urbanization in developing countries. Over a period of 6 years he obtained an M.Sc. from the Université catholique de Louvain in Applied Mathematics, an M.Sc. (Centralien) from Ecole Centrale Paris as part of the Top Industrial Managers for Europe program, an M.Sc... Read more

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Yvette DeChavez

I know a thing or two about a thing or two.

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Yvette Garcia

I love God, writing, and singing. I also love my family. I cherish the time I get to spend with my family since I don't get to see them too often. When I do see them, it's the greatest feeling. Cheesy? Yes, very, but it's the truth nonetheless. They're very important to me and nothing will ever change that. I love God and my relationship with him is also a very important factor in my life. I want more people to realize how incredibly amazing he truly is. I'm currently studying journalism at Texas State University.

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Yvonne Boudreaux

Art Dir
Yvonne Boudreaux is a production designer, art director and set designer for stop motion animation, television, and live action, who has worked on over 30 films. She has served as art director on MACHETE, THE LEGEND OF HELL'S GATE, and PUNCTURE and production designer on BLACK METAL, GOOD NIGHT, DANCE WITH THE ONE and HARMONY & ME. She was the set designer on LAIKA’s new stop motion animation PARANORMAN. Yvonne received a Masters in Theatrical Design from the University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelors of Architecture from Louisiana State University. She has taught design and architecture at Universit... Read more

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Yvonne Maclean

Lecturer/Head of Mktg & PR
Fontys Academy for Creative Industries
Yvonne is part-time faculty in the International Events, Music & Entertainment at Fontys Academy of Creative Industries in Tilburg, The Netherlands. She is also head marketing & pr of Roadburn Festival Europe’s leading underground festival for psychedelic, avant-garde, doom or any other variation of leftfield sonic pleasures that push the boundaries of music. Previous experience includes Head of Marketing & PR for Relapse Records Europe, live music production for numerous venues, festivals and tours and freelance artist marketing for Europe... Read more

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Yvonne Rocha

The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next.

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Za! is a band from Barcelona composed by 2 people and 7 instruments (drums, guitar, keyboard, voice, trumpet, kalimba, sampler).
Their music combines african beats, noise, thick distortions, vocal loops, free jazz, sounds from the shepherds of Tuva, balinese polyryhtms, math rock, dadaism, drones and a high percentage of the result left to complete on stage, every night. Za! have played more than 200 shows including acts in international festivals (Primavera Sound, Sonar Festival, SXSW, Rencontres Trans Musicales, Fusion Festival, Zappanale, Eurosonic), tours in UK, Portugal and Germany and USA sharing shows and tours either with noise bands (Lightning Bolt, Yellow Swans, Zu, etc), rock bands (El Guincho, Delorean, Agent... Read more

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Zac Sooter

I'm bringing back the land line.

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Zach Anner

Lark the Beard

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Zach Blas

PhD Student
Duke University
Zach Blas is an artist and theorist working at the intersections of networked media, queerness, and the political. His work engages emerging media technologies with a multitude of aesthetic and resistant tactics to challenge neoliberal control structures and generate new potentials for queer politics, affect, and collectivity. He is a PhD student in The Graduate Program in Literature, Information Science + Information Studies, Visual Studies, Women’s Studies, as well as a lab member of s-1: Speculative Sensation Lab, led by Mark B. N. Hansen, at Duke University. He is also a founding members of The... Read more

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Zach Brand

Sr Dir Tech
Zach J. Brand is Sr. Director of Technology, NPR Digital Media. Zach oversees the technical strategy and operation of NPR’s content on new media platforms, including NPR.org, podcasts and mobile devices. He has focused on developing extensible and re-usable architectures for tools and content. This includes the redesigned, and Peabody award winning website, mobile apps including iPhone, iPad and Android, and the NPR API.

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avatar for Zach Ernst

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Zach Firestone

something smart and funny

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Zach Hanz

Check out my band Seize The Prophet

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Zach Hawkins

Get to know me, you'll figure it out.

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avatar for Zach Irons

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