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The Airplane Boys

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The Airplane Boys bring a unique energy and excitement back to the stage. This Toronto-based duo is on the verge of something big. Their band is a fresh sound on the scene, a trail-blazing cutting-edge movement for the urban culture. Their revolutionary pop/hip-hop music is built upon
captivating synths, experimental drum patterns and intricate lyrics. The Airplane Boys duo is composed of Mannie Serranilla (Beck Motley) and Jason Drakes (Bon Voyage). Together, they have the unique skill to portray highly imaginative stories and concepts that compliment their distinctive sound and clever wordplay. They are a movement that documents real experiences and emotions. “We take our life experiences, and try to make it as catchy as possible,” says Bon Voyage. Listeners are drawn to their unrestrained spirit and magnetic stage presence. The duo trace their musical roots back to their childhood, when they first
met and started on their path of sound experimentation. “Everything up until this point has been a journey of ourselves, and discovering our talents has come out of expressing ourselves to each other, through music.” Their sound is perpetually evolving, keeping their fans mesmerized. Beck Motley and Bon Voyage are a high-energy and risk-taking duo that have successfully created their own identity in the music scene, combining relatable experiences with an electronic sound, and edge, and a rare energy. The Airplane Boys' first album "Where've You Been" was executive produced by Illangelo and has garnered much buzz, being featured on press such as Complex, Vibe, Hypebeast and MTV. In the past year, they have been on international tours with Snoop Dogg and J. Cole, and have done shows with Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean and Mac Miller. The group is currently recording their second album due out early 2012.


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