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Considered one of the cornerstones of today’s Russian electronica, Mujuice splices together pieces of found sounds, electronic glitches and layers of acoustic material to create a dense matrix of melodies and ambiances that owe a debt to jazz, techno and Shostakovich in equal measure. The IDM label fails to do justice to the open-minded spirit of a producer, vocalist and instrumentalist who leaps between styles and rhythms with the greatest of ease (Sonar 2011). Mujuice’s first tracks were made mostly by sampling methods, and until now he prefers sampling to cold digital sound synthesis. Mujuice denies being a strictly electronic producer, he believes contemporary artists should use all available resources.He takes electronic music production as an opportunity to break digital composing stereotypes, creating eclectic music from almost everywhere -- from acoustic jazz and pseudo symphonic music to experimental clicks’n'cuts, microsampling and glitch tech. Last year Mujuice was invited for showcases at Tallinn Music Week in Estonia, SONAR festival, Barcelona Spain and Pop Up Leipzig, Germany. Mujuice also performed at MIDEM in France, Transmusicales in France, Wilsonic in Slovakia, Worldtronics in Germany,SKIF and Electro-Mechanica in Russia, Insomnia in Norway, Skanu Mezs in Latvia, Free Form in Poland, Eurosonic in the Netherlands. In 2010 Mujuice was a participant of Red Bull Music Academy in London. In March 2011 Mujuice released a new album ‘Downshifting’, which has received widespread praise. Artyem Troitsky, Russia’s version of BBC’s John Peel has said that by ‘combining two antagonistic elements – romantic-depressive Russian rock and impassive clubbing music’ he opens a new page in the history of Russian pop music. Some have even compared him to Victor Tsoi, the moody frontman of St. Petersburg’s influential Kino band from the early 90s. …. Mujuice is justifiably regarded as a major hope for Russian electronic music and, undoubtedly, its most promising talent. This guy was a main hero in the extensive coverage of Russian scene on Pitchfork web site. He was a distinguished scholar of international Red Bull Music Academy and already a big star at Transmusicales and Sonar festivals. Sum it up and you get a strong reason to pay special attention to his debut vocal album Downshifting.
Downshifting would tell a lot to anybody familiar with the roots of Russian experimental music dating back to the mid-1980s. Mujuice somehow caught and sold (with the whole range of contemporary sound technologies) the essence of Russian melodism, which was typical for such local icons as Ilya Lagutenko from Mumiy-Trol and Viktor Tsoi from cult Soviet band Kino. For the first time in his life Mujuice put his heart and soul not only in dramatic kinky melodies but in words which are the most powerful thing about this electronic masterpiece.
http://www.scoutnetworkblog.com/2011/03/6607/downshifting-to-perfection/ Discography
Mujuice "Downshiftings' 2011. Soyuz Music
Mujuice 'CoolCoolDeath' 2007. Pro-Tez (CD 001) (disctribution- Kompakt, Beatport)
Mujuice 'Monochrome EP' 2006
Mujuice 'Still' 2006
Mujuice + Dzhem 'Sets' 2005
Mujuice 'SuperQueer' 2004


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