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'Mujeres' debut, was a perfect record. In 2009, the four-piece band from Barcelona were in everyone's conversation. Their first work 'Demo 08' (Hombre Bueno Discos) was considered a local cult treasure and their long list of shows the real place-to-be. Few months later, the 7" 'Yella' was out and more and more fans-hunter shows arrived: Primavera Sound, Europavox (FR), The Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City (UK), as well as excited reviews in national Media and Influent American spotlights like Maximum Rock'n'Roll or Terminal Boredom-
'Mujeres' (Sones, 09) was the best presentation possible that contained the spirit and energy of these four horses running free in a powerful album, that goes straight to the listener's dancing feet, with the essence of venerious and crazy old and new garage-rock.
Mujeres created addiction and new followers appeared in an endless tour that took them even to SXSW in Austin (USA). Veni, vidi, vinci.
With 'Soft Gems' (Sones 2012 and licensed in Belgium by 62TV Reocrds), these four friends' band from Barcelona became stablished and was applauded by the whole national and international Media (Pitchfork, MTV, Rolling Stone, Get Bent highlighted Mujeres is a new garage band to follow close) and audience at their shows and festivals all over Europe (Eurosonic, The Great Escape, Primavera Sound, Optimus Primavera Sound, Glimps Festival, Nuits Sonores, Les Nuits botaniques, Gwens Festival, Dour Festival, Le Micro festival), USA (SXSW) and Canada (Canadian Music Week).


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