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Jef Barbara

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Jef Barbara makes his anticipated return from the future with his new single and remix EP entitled, “I Know I’m Late”, the debut track from his forthcoming avant-garde full length, due out worldwide through Club Roll and Tricatel, this autumn. “I Know I’m Late” is a new wave cyborg with the primary directive to groove you, Gary Numan stylee. Jef Barbara blends debonair Roxy Music-like textures and Bowie-esque, diva-discerning glam – revealing his soul generously and candidly – a consummate performer and provocateur. Jef’s new music is at times urgent and compelling, but also lush and hypnotic. "I would like my next album to be a smashing success, but I know I cannot control these things. Even though I believe I would wear pop icon status with style, I'd rather be happy and focus on what is most important – the expression of my artistic vision," explains Jef wryly. His unique persona is illustrated in the new video for “I Know I’m Late”, directed by Jess Lee, whom also co-directed the “Pas gentille” video. Jef Barbara reemerges with this new record dedicated “to sound rather than aural features, with more live feel and less sequencing,” evolving post-“Contamination”, Jef’s debut album dedicated to dance darkness released in 2011. Its themes of the artistic ego, love obsession, emotional breakdown, existential loneliness, impaired communication, artistic quackery, good vibes, chronic lateness, physiological phenomena, lack of confidence and erotic fantasy, are openly laid bare. Slotted for release October 1 on Club Roll Music, Jef will ignite his tour engines in Europe, debuting songs from his forthcoming full-length “Soft to the Touch” to festival crowds, at high profile fashion events and to intimate club audiences. The first string of dates is now confirmed, with more to follow for Europe shortly. The second leg of the “Soft to the Touch” tour will touch down in Canada and The US in late autumn, with North American tour date announcements to be revealed in the very near future.


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