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Institutional Prostitution

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Exciting avant-disco neo-crunk outfit, INSTITUTIONAL PROSTITUTION is formed by 2 DAY TIME WORKERS actresses without a Union, MELISSA GAGNE and SAD H. NAVA. Winter 2011: Institutional Prostitution starts dating at LOBLAWS GROCERY STORE where they steal and share extravagant meals at the check out cafeteria. This is where all of their ideas will take form. They first decide to write a play about METAPHYSICAL LOVE and CONCEPTUAL FUCK in order to refund their student loans. Performed in their bedroom, bathroom and basement, this play in 4 acts deals with god and teen aged dreams of becoming god by making a 6 hour film starring fast food workers. Spring 2011: They record their first bedroom garage band LP entitled YEAH WE STEAL. Inspired by their daily lives, songs such as I FEEL SO PREGNANT, reflects their desire to express their feelings of exaltation and joy. WASTE YOUR LIFE AND THEN DIE similarly reveals their FEARS.

Summer 2011 marks 2 original performances: a CAR BURIAL resulting in FESTIVA, a 52 minute video followed by FUCK YOU STUPID, a contemporary masochistic dance duet performed at a private suburban EX-BOYFRIEND swimming pool. Fall 2011, Institutional Prostitution embarks on recording their second LP, UNCONDTITIONAL ONE SIDED LOVE. Incorporating beats influenced by dirty south rap and literal poetry for their two live shows during POP MONTREAL festival, they showcase their fragile yet spastic vocals under fluorescent lights, big fake braids and violins. Their churning electro-soundscapes oscillates between grace and gravity. CAUGHT IN A CONCEPTUAL MOSH, their first headlining show that takes place at the Cabaret Playhouse October 26th, is a one-off performance set: Wrapped in plastic playing under green waterfalls, they navigate from trance acid speed metal to stoner sentimental grimey club. SINCE THEN, they have been working on several winter performances and projects, including their first official release Baroque Rococo on the montreal experimental tape label Les Discos Enfantasmes and recording with the avant-garde artist, and producer Blake Hargreaves.


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