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Future Unlimited

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Named one of the top ten bands to debut at South by Southwest 2012 by NME Magazine and AOL Spinner, Future Unlimited has been hailed as the wave of the future with a nod to the 80’s. Their lush synthesizer tracks with soaring vocals and iconic anthems bring to mind a melding of The Cure, Joy Division, Tears for Fears and early U2. Formed in 2011, David Miller and Samuel D'Amelio comprise the Nashville, TN-based songwriting duo. In live settings, the pair are joined by guitarist Fred O'Neal and bassist Matt McCord to complete their sound. In addition to releasing 'EP' and the singles 'Lightweight Eyes' & 'Haunted Love' in 2012, Future Unlimited have crafted remixes for other artists, including The New Division and the soon-to-be-released remix of Goldroom's "Sweetness". Currently in post-production, director/actor Shia LaBeouf will be releasing the Future Unlimited-inspired short film 'MEDEA', representing an unprecedented take by the filmmaker. LaBeouf, inspired by the Future Unlimited song "Haunted Love", was moved to create his short film around the song itself. The film features Future Unlimited lead singer David Miller co-starring opposite British actress Mia Goth, exploring the dangerous boundaries that love and madness can breach. “For all the focus on otherworldly drones, opaque, planar ‘80s synths, and mechanical bass throbs lately, Future Unlimited are promising because they’ve found a way to incorporate those familiar elements into something new.” -- Pretty Much Amazing “Future Unlimited will no doubt be compared to the endless amount of ’80s-style pop bands in recent years, but there are few things about this duo that aren’t completely new and refreshing. From the crazy rhythmic choruses to the stellar production, Future Unlimited are nothing short of spectacular on their debut EP." – Beats Per Minute “Overall, the early signs show us a duo who’s lasers are set to stun.”—The Recommender "Throwback rarely feels this genuine, a real accomplishment amongst so much nostalgia." — Consequence of Soundhttp://afutureunlimited.com


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