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Emma Heartbeat

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EMMA HEARTBEAT -two drummers and a female vocalist- first stepped on stage 2008 and they never came down until now! Their music is an energetic mixture of English rap, that intensely flirt with female bass music. After the formation of EM♥A Dec. 2007 the band successfully took part in the Nicolas-Chenard Remix- Contest. In 2008 they became Newcomer of The Week of SMAG MAGAZINE and played at Juicy Beats Festival (Dortmund Germany) after winning the Juicy-Beats myspace- contest. Same year EM♥A played at c/o Pop Festival (Cologne), sharing stage with SebastiAn and Vicarious Bliss (Ed Banger).
2009 the band released the „EM♥A NOT“ EP and one year later EM♥A teamed up with Leg-No, a Berlin-based producer, and together with Tunde Olaniran, a vocalist from USA, they worked on the „Sunglasses EP“ that was released in 2010 and caught the attention of bloggers, dj's and other music-lovers all over the world.
During the last two years the band introduced the german accent by playing shows around continental Europe and the UK, sharing stage with The Glitch Mob, Das Racist, Thunderheist, Schlachthofbronx, Crystal Fighters and many more.
EMMA HEARTBEAT released songs on vinyl, digital and on cd incl. remixes by Kraddy, Mowgli, Phon.o, Leg-No, French Fries, Turnsteak, Sepalot and more, in 2011 their debut-album „That Will Do You Good“ came out, the single debuted on BBC 6 (London). „(...) makes slinky vamped-up tracks, that ooze and spill sex out of every corner of the mix“- thecultureofme.com (USA) „Coming up with a cross between Lady Sovereign and Santogold“
-musicliberation.blogspot.com „(...) awesome“ - Ruth Barnes (104.4 FM London)


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