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Bestial Mouths

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Pooling together a group of influences as diverse as its members, BESTIAL MOUTHS present a raw, synth-driven energy propelled by singer Lynette Cerezo's powerful vocals. Often likened to Diamanda Galas, Siouxsie Sioux or Lydia Lunch, Cerezo delivers each note with fury and abandon. Synthesists/keyboardists Christopher Myrick and Gustavo Aldana channel early industrial, EBM, goth and minimal synth pop in turns, blending harsh electronics and lush melodies. When Aldana’s splintered programmed beats are combined with tribal rhythms and samples triggered by drummer Jessica Reuter they both combine a breathe of new life into post punk, weaving their own distinct creation in the process. Bestial Mouths released their debut album in 2011 on Dais Records. In 2012, the band released a live cassette recorded from a performance supporting the legendary Psychic TV through Black Horizons. Later that year, the band performed at SXSW and toured Europe, performing in Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary and the Czech Republic. A new LP produced by David Psutka of Egyptrix and a split 12” were released in 2013 by Clan Destine Records and Sweating Tapes/Desire Records respectively. Performances at San Francisco’s Independent and Los Angeles’ Troubadour supporting Austra soon followed with also a US tour including headlining spots at Brooklyn's Glasslands gallery, Austin’s Mohawk and the Grog Shop in Cleveland. A second tour of Europe is planned for spring 2014.



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