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A Giant Dog

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A Giant Dog's music encompasses the passion, the modern survival of winged tipped shoes, seahorse androgyny, moon-rivers and bingo, and is heavily influenced by beer, The Coasters, The Stooges and Velvet Underground. The band reached its inception during summer 2008 in Austin when Sabrina Ellis and Andrew Cashen, bored and looking for a new escape, started writing songs together. The rhythm and harmonies which started as acoustic jams during after parties quickly formed into songs and later transformed into an energetic garage punk style they portray today. At the end of the summer, Graham Low (bass), Andy Bauer(guitar), and their first drummer joined the band and the new quintet ventured to Denton, Tx to record with Orville Neeley in a garage studio. The demo led to an eventful first year and they figured something was right when Bill Corsello, manager of Emo’s, walked by Beerland one night and invited them to play their first big event at Emo’s Free Week. In Fall 2009, Orville moved to Austin and joined the band to play drums replacing their first drummer. After joining, the band entered a highly creative period and in 2010, they released their first EP, House, during SXSW. Shortly thereafter a local label, Sundae Records, pressed their first 7” – The Grand B/W QYJARA and The Grand was picked up by 12XU Records for the Austin compilation, Casual Victim Pile II. Continuing their pursuit of music, they toured in 2010 and 2011 to support the two releases and a second EP called Trashcan USA. The tours helped the band tighten their chops and spread their infectious party 'tudes across the US. A Giant Dog recently found a new home with Tic Tac Totally Records from Chicago and released their debut LP "Fight" this February. Going forward the band is excited to record new songs, tour this summer, and release a sophomore LP possibly in the fall.


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