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Accelerating Killer LatAm Startups ACC (Room 5ABC) Big Data: Powering the Race for the White House Hilton Garden Inn (Rio Grande) Can Gaming Make the World Better? ACC (Room 6AB) Companion Gaming: Strategies for Cross-Platform Releases Hyatt Regency Austin (Texas Ballroom 1-3) Consumer Patterns Revealed by Dating Site Insiders InterContinental Stephen F. Austin (Capital Ballroom B) Food Trucks Share Social Media Tips Driskill Hotel (Citadel) Friending Pharma: Patients, Industry & New Media AT&T Conference Hotel (Classroom 204) Is Our Photo-Madness Creating Mediocrity or Magic? Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon K) Multiplatform Storytelling: Frontline War Stories ACC (Room 18ABCD) Pitching Start Ups to Ad Agencies and Clients Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon C) Publishing Models Transforming the Book Sheraton Austin (Capitol EFGH) Socializing the Presidency: Digital Politics 2012 AT&T Conference Hotel (Salon B) Stand with Planned Parenthood: A Crisis Response ACC (Room 9ABC) Storytelling Beyond Words: New Forms of Journalism Sheraton Austin (Capitol ABCD) Tech Detox: Can You Survive a Day w/o Technology? Courtyard Marriott (Brazos) The Connected Company: An Inventory of the Possible Omni Downtown (Capital Ballroom) The New Black? How Digital Ed Is Everything AT&T Conference Hotel (Classroom 203) The Positive Power of Sports Driskill Hotel (Driskill Ballroom) The State of Social Marketing InterContinental Stephen F. Austin (Capital Ballroom A) What Makes Asset Sharing Platforms Thrive? Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon D)


21st Century Giving: Social Philanthropy’s Rise ACC (Room 6AB) 3 Screen Minimum: Convergence of TV & Social Media ACC (Room 12AB) A New Culture of Learning: Gaming, Tech, Design AT&T Conference Hotel (Classroom 203) Are We Killing Social with Social? Omni Downtown (Longhorn) Can a Social Web of Things Keep TV Cords Connected ACC (Room 18ABCD) Community First: Lessons for Early-Stage Startups Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon D) Discoverability and the New World of Book PR Sheraton Austin (Creekside I & II) Driving the Change: Public Media Goes Transmedia Sheraton Austin (Capitol EFGH) How Brain Science Turns Browsers into Buyers InterContinental Stephen F. Austin (Capital Ballroom B) How STDs Can Be Good for Your Health AT&T Conference Hotel (Classroom 204) Internet Bubble the Sequel: 1999 All Over Again? Hyatt Regency Austin (Texas Ballroom 1-3) Internet Power: After Cyber-Optimism and Pessimism AT&T Conference Hotel (Salon E) It’s Funny ‘Cause It’s True: Battling Bad Media ACC (Room 9ABC) Marketing’s Shift from Waterfall to Agile Omni Downtown (Lone Star) Mother Goose Got Punked: Next Gen Visual Stories ACC (Room 10AB) No Wallet? No Problem. Enter Mobile Payments. Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon J) Pocket Film Studio: The iPhone Revolution Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon K) Startup Breakthrough: Speed Coaching for Founders Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon C) The Making of the Modern Office Courtyard Marriott (Brazos) The Mobile Apps Value Chain Holiday Inn Town Lake (Marigold) The Rise of Brooklyn Food Scene Driskill Hotel (Citadel) The UX-Driven Startup: Lessons from the Trenches Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon A) UX Smackdown! User Testing Techniques in the Ring ACC (Ballroom BC) Voices Carry: Why Authentic Brand Voices Matter InterContinental Stephen F. Austin (Capital Ballroom A)


Better Food Through Open Data Standards Driskill Hotel (Citadel) Celebs & Causes: A Thin Line btwn #winning & #fail ACC (Room 9ABC) Crowdsourcing Government: Why Access Matters AT&T Conference Hotel (Salon C) CSS.next: Current Experiments, CSS4 and the Future ACC (Ballroom A) Curing a Rage Headache: Internet Drama & Activism ACC (Room 6AB) Design and the Mobile Startup Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon A) Designing Positive Daily Addictions AT&T Conference Hotel (Classroom 204) eSports: Enabling Gaming As a Profession Palmer Events Center (Room 4-5) Everybody's a Bloody Entrepreneur! Or Are They? Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon C) FutureShop: Virtual QR Stores, NFC Receipts & More Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon J) How to Run a Social Site and Not Get Users Killed AT&T Conference Hotel (Salon D) How to Win Friends and Influence Space Exploration Omni Downtown (Capital Ballroom) How We Do It in Brazil ACC (Room 5ABC) Indie Games, Indie Film - DejaVu Palmer Events Center (Room 1-2) Interface Technology: Gesture Systems and Beyond Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon H) No Brochures: Digital Storytelling for Nonprofits ACC (Room 10AB) Once & Future King: Can Syndication Save Content? Sheraton Austin (Capitol EFGH) Psychology of Narcissism & How It Affects Brands Sheraton Austin (Creekside I & II) Public Lab: Mapping, DIY Activism & Civic Science AT&T Conference Hotel (Salon A) Social Media Is a Bubble and SXSW Is a Fad Omni Downtown (Longhorn) The European Tech Art Scene ACC (Room 12AB) The Secret Path to Success in Online Video Sheraton Austin (Capitol ABCD)


5 Brands Travel the US Inspiring Entrepreneurship Omni Downtown (Lone Star) Adapting New Technologies for Humanitarian Aid ACC (Room 6AB) Brands with Benefits: Hooking Up with Good Deals InterContinental Stephen F. Austin (Capital Ballroom B) Election 2012: Campaigns, Coverage & the Internet AT&T Conference Hotel (Salon B) Fulbright: How the 1st Social Network Adapts to SM AT&T Conference Hotel (Salon D) Funny Or Die: Future of Comedy & Everything Else ACC (Room 18ABCD) How Comics Journalism Is Saving Your Media Sheraton Austin (Creekside I & II) How to Build Entrepreneurship Communities Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon D) Investor Spotting 2012 Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon J) Libros digitales para todos/eBooks for Everybody ACC (Room 5ABC) No Rainy Days: Identity Protection in the Cloud Hilton Garden Inn (Sabine) Open Web, Open News: Reporters & Developers Remix Sheraton Austin (Capitol EFGH) Preserving the Creative Culture of the Web ACC (Room 9ABC) Rockstars or Roadies: Who's the Better Employee? Courtyard Marriott (Brazos) Sports Media: The Beat Goes Gone? Driskill Hotel (Driskill Ballroom) SSO (Single Sign On): Why Does It Suck So Often? ACC (Ballroom A) Startup Genomics: Maximize Success and Avoid Death Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon C) Still Invisible? Waging Stories with Social Media Omni Downtown (Longhorn) Tech + the Evolution of the In-Store Experience Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon K) The Power of Contemplative Play Palmer Events Center (Room 1-2) WARNING: Are Online Reviews Bad for Your Health? AT&T Conference Hotel (Classroom 204) What Civil Society Can Learn from Social Web Omni Downtown (Capital Ballroom) What the Internet Finds Funny: Creating & Covering Humor Online ACC (Room 12AB) When Your API Is Your Product Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon FG)


4-Hour Work Week Is BS: Truths of Working Smarter Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon FG) A Brief History of the Complete Redesign of Google ACC (Ballroom BC) A Dr, Patient & Insurer Walk into a Social Network AT&T Conference Hotel (Classroom 204) A License to RHoK AT&T Conference Hotel (Salon E) Are Great Employees Overrated? Courtyard Marriott (Brazos) Austin 2032: Shaping Future Cities with Mobile Data Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon H) Big Data: Privacy Threat or Business Model? Omni Downtown (Longhorn) Connected Living Rooms, Contentious Networks Hilton Garden Inn (Sabine) Content and Coding Are Not Commodities Sheraton Austin (Capitol EFGH) Digital Health: Borrow from Developing Countries? AT&T Conference Hotel (Salon D) Digital Immortals: Preserving Life Beyond Death ACC (Room 9ABC) Don't Just Sell Things: Change the World InterContinental Stephen F. Austin (Capital Ballroom B) Funny People Can Make You Buy Dumb Things ACC (Room 12AB) Innovation Case Studies: Austin and Beyond AT&T Conference Hotel (Salon C) New Media Strategies & Insights for Election 2012 AT&T Conference Hotel (Salon B) Occupying Media: 24 Hour Protest People Hyatt Regency Austin (Texas Ballroom 1-3) On the Internet, Everyone Knows You're a Dog Sheraton Austin (Capitol ABCD) Social, Mobile, Location-Based Games Palmer Events Center (Room 1-2) Taking a RISK: From Board Game to Facebook Palmer Events Center (Room 4-5) Talent Wars: Sourcing the Créme from the Crowd Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon C) The Attention Drug Wars of 2012 ACC (Ballroom EF) Virtual Gets Physical: The Future of Installations Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon K)

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