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Newsjacking: How to Inject Your Ideas ACC (Ballroom G) Afternoon Event - Registrants Lounge presented by MOFILM Registrant’s Lounge Beginners Guide to SXSW Film ACC (Room 16AB) Man Vs. Algorithm: Online Video Curation Face-Off ACC (Room 18ABCD) @TVEngagement: Does Social Media Drive TV Ratings? Omni Downtown (Capital Ballroom) Afternoon Event - Registrants Lounge presented by MOFILM Registrant’s Lounge Branding Without Bullshit: Building Social Media-Proof Brands InterContinental Stephen F. Austin (Capital Ballroom A) Brands As Patterns ACC (Ballroom A) Building a Jewish Presence Through Social Media ACC (Room 5ABC) Change Happens: Improv for an Unpredictable World Courtyard Marriott (Brazos) CNN's Black in America / Silicon Valley: Aftermath ACC (Room 6AB) Designing for Context Radisson Town Lake (Town Lake Ballroom) Digital vs. Print: Storyboard to Digital Delivery Sheraton Austin (Capitol ABCD) Formula 1: Driving Global Technology & Innovation Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon FG) Get Smart! Hack Your Brain for Peak Performance Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon H) How 21st Century Tools Are Disrupting Global Power Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon J) Keeping Loyal Consumers Engaged by Shaking Sh*t Up Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon C) Making a Grand Entrance: How to Launch a Product Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon B) Man vs. Algorithm: Online Video Curation Face-off ACC (Room 18ABCD) OMG Your RFP Is Killing Me ACC (Ballroom BC) Perfect Timing: Evolving GLBT Suicide Prevention ACC (Room 10AB) Popping Your Bubble: Stories of the Digital Divide Sheraton Austin (Creekside I & II) Raise Your Profile Using SXSW ACC (Room 12AB) Rethinking Civilization for the Social Age ACC (Exhibit Hall 5) Sex on the Web – The Sabotage of Relationships? Driskill Hotel (Driskill Ballroom) Social Change, Social Media & Social Filmmaking ACC (Room 9ABC) Startup Marketing: Big Results with a Small Budget Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon D) SXSW Yoga ACC (Room 8A) The Cloud as Skynet: Conquering Digital Overload ACC (Ballroom EF) The Concrete Jungle: Nature in an Urban Ecosystem Hilton Garden Inn (Sabine) The Future of Lifestyle Media Sheraton Austin (Capitol EFGH) Why Invest in Health Tech? Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon A) Wireless Wellness: App-tastic or Just Fun & Games? ACC (Ballroom D) Half Day Event - Startup America at SXSW Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon E) Ping Pong Tourney Hilton Austin Downtown (Room 400, 402) Play Werewolf (Game) Like a Mother Killing Pro Palm Park (Presentation Tent) Tweak Your Talk (A Cranky Talk Workshop) Holiday Inn Town Lake (Marigold)







Unstuck: Get (and Keep) Your Creativity Flowing ACC (Ballroom G) Don't Forget About Me! Remember Everything at SXSW ACC (Room 16AB) Speed Tweaks: How Fast Can Audiences Drive Edits? ACC (Room 18ABCD) ASL: The Evolution and Future of Online Dating Driskill Hotel (Driskill Ballroom) Can Growing a Moustache Change the World? ACC (Room 8A) Crowdfunding 2.0 Meet Up Presented by SoKap Hilton Austin Downtown (Room 415A) Design from the Gut: Dangerous or Differentiator? ACC (Ballroom BC) Effective Social Media Presence in Higher Ed InterContinental Stephen F. Austin (Assembly Room) Enhanced Interrogation: The Modern-Day Interview Driskill Hotel (Citadel) Faster Design Decisions with Style Tiles Radisson Town Lake (Town Lake Ballroom) Fireside Chat with Vic Gundotra on Google+ ACC (Ballroom D) Gamify and Socialize: Beyond the Buzzwords ACC (Exhibit Hall 5) Give Me an Invite! Creating User Demand at Launch Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon C) Hacking SXSW for Smiles and DorkBot Street Cred Hilton Austin Downtown (Room 616AB) How to Be Acquired & Stay Happy Courtyard Marriott (Rio Grande Ballroom) How to Lose Co-Founders and Alienate Startups Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon D) Hyper Local Public TV Station Models: Content 3.0 Sheraton Austin (Creekside I & II) Juice Without Wires: The Future of Wireless Power Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon J) Mentor Session: Christopher Schmitt Holiday Inn Town Lake (Lantana B) Mentor Session: Chuck Martin Holiday Inn Town Lake (Lantana B) Mentor Session: Courtney Hemphill Holiday Inn Town Lake (Lantana B) Mentor Session: Jordan Kretchmer Holiday Inn Town Lake (Lantana A) Mentor Session: Olivia Khalili Holiday Inn Town Lake (Lantana A) Mentor Session: Rob Wu Holiday Inn Town Lake (Lantana B) My Robotic Kitchen Planned This Dinner Party Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon K) Political Humor 2.0: Teh Internetz R Leaking ACC (Room 12AB) Potterize It! Sharing the Magic of Fan Culture Omni Downtown (Capital Ballroom) Queer Viral Practices in New Media Art and Theory ACC (Room 10AB) Serendipity (n.): A Happy Discovery By Accident Sheraton Austin (Capitol EFGH) Shift & Reset: Solving Complex Problems Driskill Hotel (Maximilian) Show Me the Money: Where to Get Funding and What Are They Interested In? Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon A) Social Media Sharecropping: Black Tech Adoption ACC (Room 5ABC) SoLoMo Redefined: Next Gen Social Local Mobile Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon FG) Speed Tweaks: How Fast Can Audiences Drive Edits? ACC (Room 18ABCD) Storytelling for Entrepreneurs & Startups Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon B) SXSW Newbies Meet Up Palm Park (Meet Up Tent) Teaching Touch: Tapworthy Touchscreen Design ACC (Ballroom A) The Bombastic Brilliance of "Black Twitter" ACC (Room 6AB) The Power of Visual Storytelling Sheraton Austin (Capitol ABCD) The Secret Lives of the Brain ACC (Ballroom EF) The World Turns to Ustream in Times of Crisis ACC (Room 9ABC) This New House: Featuring Bob Vila InterContinental Stephen F. Austin (Capital Ballroom A) This Will Blow Your Mind: The Prius-Inspired Bike Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon H) Waste 2.0: 3 Ways Tech Is Making Waste a Resource Hilton Garden Inn (Rio Grande) We Made This, and It's Not an Ad InterContinental Stephen F. Austin (Capital Ballroom B) Your Brain on Multitasking Courtyard Marriott (Brazos) Your Energy Use: Too Busy/Lazy/Apathetic to Care? Hilton Garden Inn (Sabine)








Peter Bregman Book Signing ACC (Ballroom G Foyer) Uncertainty: Fuel for Brilliance ACC (Ballroom G) when you find me presented by Canon Canon Screening Room Future of Entertainment: Viewer Becomes User ACC (Room 18ABCD) The Opening Act: Making of the SXSW Film Bumpers ACC (Room 16AB) A Crash Course in Becoming SuperBetter ACC (Exhibit Hall 5) Applying Behavior Design ACC (Ballroom A) Bootstrapping Meet Up Hilton Austin Downtown (Room 415A) Build. Community Is Easy, Saving the World Is Hard ACC (Room 6AB) City of Austin Meet Up Palm Park (Meet Up Tent) Designing Living Things Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon H) Funder vs. Funded: Fireside Chats with… Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon A) Future of Entertainment: Viewer Becomes User ACC (Room 18ABCD) Get Lit: Why Story Matters Sheraton Austin (Capitol ABCD) Hammurabi, Horseshoes and Hookers in Social Media Omni Downtown (Capital Ballroom) How Start-Ups Do Deals with Industry Titans Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon D) Iranian Outlaws: Satire vs. Censorship ACC (Room 12AB) It's Alive: Interactive Machines That Captivate InterContinental Stephen F. Austin (Capital Ballroom B) Launching Companies in Regulated Industries Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon C) Leaving Flatland: Getting Started with WebGL Radisson Town Lake (Town Lake Ballroom) Mentor Session: Aaron Fulkerson Holiday Inn Town Lake (Lantana B) Mentor Session: John Bracken Holiday Inn Town Lake (Lantana B) Mentor Session: Matthew Scharpnick Holiday Inn Town Lake (Lantana A) Mentor Session: Sara Santiago Holiday Inn Town Lake (Lantana A) Mentor Session: Sarah Szalavitz Holiday Inn Town Lake (Lantana A) Mining Diversity: Developing a Community of Color ACC (Room 5ABC) MIT Media Lab: Making Connections Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon FG) Pocket Intelligence Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon K) Public Radio Is Media’s Future. You Heard It Right Sheraton Austin (Creekside I & II) Seafood Watch vs. Yelp: Future of Social Food Hilton Austin Downtown (Room 616AB) Show & Smell: Marketing Experiences Beyond Visual InterContinental Stephen F. Austin (Capital Ballroom A) Size Matters: Why Little Houses Are So Awesome Hilton Garden Inn (Sabine) Small Business Career Thinking in a Large Company Courtyard Marriott (Rio Grande Ballroom) Smokey Bear Tweetup InterContinental Stephen F. Austin (Assembly Room) Software Alchemy and the Arc of Technology ACC (Ballroom BC) Sparking Real World Action with Social Media ACC (Room 8A) The Fashion Fog: Redefining Content & Commerce Sheraton Austin (Capitol EFGH) The Future of Access to Digital Broadcast Video ACC (Room 9ABC) The Future of Work: Serial Monogamy Courtyard Marriott (Brazos) The Lean Startup: The Science of Entrepreneurship ACC (Ballroom D) Understanding Start-Up Equity and Compensation Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon B) What’s ‘The Next Big Thing’ in Social Networking? ACC (Room 10AB) Where Do Science Fiction and Science Fact Meet? Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon J) Why Happiness Is the New Currency ACC (Ballroom EF) Pre-Happy Hour & Happy Hour (WOMMA + Spredfast) Spredfast Headquarters Best of Vimeo Shorts: Vimeo Loves Vimeo Theater Small Business Showcase Austin City Hall TechMix Happy Hour Annie's BestBuzz Party The 512 Afternoon Event - Canon Lounge at the Canon Imagination Screening Room The Long Center Cooking Channel Beer Garden Easy Tiger The Sony Club @ Red 7 Sony Club @ Red 7






















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